Small Claims Court Clinics help you solve your legal matters

MIAMI – The Miami-Dade Consumer Services Department has released its calendar for the 2009 Small Claims Court Clinics, which the public can attend for free to obtain legal advice on filing in Small Claims Court.

In addition to the calendar which is now available on the department’s website, the public may also download filing instructions in English and Spanish as well as information on how to collect on a judgment.

Legal forms are provided for free on the website and are available at the clinics for a small fee.

Small Claims Court is used by individuals to address disputes involving $5,000 or less, without the costly assistance of an attorney. There are seven sessions planned at different locations throughout the County, including two in Spanish. There will be one session covering how to collect on a judgment.

Clinic participants are guided through the Small Claims Court process and receive hands-on help from Miami-Dade Consumer Services Department attorneys. Reservations for the clinics are not required.

To view the list of clinics scheduled for the year and to download other important information, visit .

For questions regarding the clinics or additional information, call the Consumer Services Department Mediation Center at (305) 375-3677, or visit the website at .

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