Sizzla Kalonjis Rise To The Occasion IV, An Occasion To Remember

STONY HILL, Jamaica – Sizzla Kalonjis Rise to The Occasion IV was an occasion to remember. It was a beautiful production and Kalonji Music would like to thank everyone who supported this event commemorating another beautiful Earthstrong Celebration.

According to Teino Evans, Reporter for The Gleaner/The Star, Sizzla Kalonjis Rise to the Occasion IV held last Saturday at Temple Hall Estate in Stony Hill, in celebration of his 32nd birthday, was indeed an occasion to be remembered, as it may have broken a record time for a stage show to run through its many artistes. Although a successful and incident-free event, the warning and mention of the time constraint was like a recurring decimal throughout the night’s proceeding.

We would like to also thank all the artists that came out in full support to grace their presence at Occasion IV. All the artists gave wonderful performance and each shined representing their talents to the fullest. For the artist that were not able to attend for any reason. We hope to see you next year at Occasion V.

Kalonji Music sends out condolescence to the Marley Family and understand their inability to attend the show based on their recent family lost.

In a statement released by Headline Entertainment on their behalf: Due to the passing of Marley matriarch, Cedella Marley Booker’, the Marley brothers were unable to attend. The passing of their grandmother has understandably wrought a change in all their performance plans for this traumatic period.

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