Sizzla & I Wayne – Fire and Lava

Written by: Tiffany Mea

Sizzla’s substance and harmonious rhythms still continue to Burn! Regardless of what style of music or trend is popular, his urgent need to constantly create influential music is shown on this timeless album.

There is no doubt that effort, passion, and precision were involved in the making of this groundbreaking piece. The full scope of Kalonji’s talents and Bobby Digital’s production skills makes this album legendary for reggae music.

“Da Real Live Thing” features a number of the hits that have swept the island of Jamaica since his release in 2003. They vary from love songs to his social and cultural lyrics to melodic dance rhythms, such as “Solid as a Rock,” “Just One on Those Days” and “Thank U Mama.”

Sizzla’s positive conscious lyrics and distinct voice make every song on the album hard not to pull up. “Solid as a Rock” “Got it Right Here” and “Mash Dem Down” are just a few songs that will force you to stand up and move. On the other hand, ” She So Loving” and “Just One Of Those Days” new acoustic mix are some of his smoother slower love songs that add to the great variation that makes this album complete.

“Da Real Live Thing” is an original and inspiring and now legendary reggae album. Check out other bonus tracks “Be Still” and “Bright Sunshine” which were not included on the original disc. Also get in depth with the artist and join him as he rocks the stage show in Miami for VP’s 25th Anniversary, on the bonus DVD. It is hard to believe that it was possible to improve on a classic, but that’s exactly what this is.
I Wayne’s first released album, “Lava Ground” has all the right ingredients for a reggae classic.

Do not be fooled by his style and sound (smooth and light to the ears) because his subject matter is not something to take lightly. This 24-year old from Portmore, Jamaica has much to express to the world.

His awareness and involvement with the Rastafarian community is very prevalent in his powerful lyrics. The content of his lyrics are beyond the trivial matters, he changes perceptions and opens the mind.

He challenges popular notions and exposes the realities of life from prostitution “Can’t Satisfy Her”, to abortion “Don’t Worry”, to skin bleaching “Bleacher”, to living organically “Lava Ground” and in harmony with one another “Living in Love”.

I Wayne has blessed us with a refreshing new sound and will continue to break barriers in the reggae community and the rest of the world.

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