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Six Days Left to Mail Back 2010 Census Forms

WASHINGTON – April 11 marks the six-day countdown for residents across America to mail back their 2010 Census questionnaires. Households that return their forms after Friday, April 16, may still be visited by census workers, who begin going door-to-door to collect census responses on May 1.

Residents are encouraged to promptly mail back their forms, because census data are used to determine how more than $400 billion of federal funding is spent annually on community services, including hospitals, schools, senior centers, roads and job training centers.

“Nationwide, about 65 percent of households have mailed back their census forms. In 2000, the mail participation rate was 72 percent,” U.S. Census Bureau Director Robert Groves said. “Residents who fail to mail back their forms by April 16 may be visited by a census worker in May.”

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