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Sister Cities Program will have a Cultural and Business Development Mission to The Bahamas

MIAMI – On June 27th, Walter Loy, Chairman of the Sister Cities Coordinating Council, Miami-Dade County Commissioner Dennis Moss, Honorary Chair for the Bahamas of the Sister Cities Coordinating Council; and Miami-Dade County Commissioner Audrey Edmonson, Chair of the County Commission on Economic Development and Human Services Committee, will be on a cultural and trade development mission that celebrates the close cultural and economic ties enjoyed between Miami-Dade County and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

With more than 700 islands located just off of Florida’s East coast, the island nation was Miami-Dade’s 18th largest trading partner with nearly $2.5 billion in trade last year, a robust increase of more than 43% from a year earlier. And like Miami-Dade County, the Bahamas is a major tourist destination and an important hub for international financial transactions.

Working together with the Bahamian Consulate General in Miami and the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce in Nassau, priority consideration for participation in the mission will be given to the following trade sectors:

• Automobile & Light Truck Parts
• Restaurant & Hotel Equipment
• Recreational & Commercial Marine Supplies
• Information Technology Systems & Components
• Recording Industry
• Construction Materials
• Furniture

While Miami-Dade County and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas certainly enjoy a healthy trading relationship, the two communities are also culturally very close.

Early Bahamians were among the very first settlers in South Florida, and some of our oldest neighborhoods showcase the charm and architecture of the houses built by early Bahamian pioneers. That rich cultural tradition continues today in the form of authentic Bahamian food, music, and festivals available in Miami-Dade County throughout the year.

Attendees on the mission trip will visit the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau, located on New Providence Island to reaffirm Miami-Dade County’s long friendship with our neighbors to the East.

In addition to meeting important members of the Bahamian Government, we will also be touring important cultural and educational sites, and meeting with Bahamian companies interested in doing business with Miami-Dade based businesses.

Individuals and companies interested in being a part of this Bahamas Cultural and Business Development Mission trip should contact, Adam Peters Senior Sister Cities Coordinator at The Jay Malina International Trade Consortium at 305-375-5420; the deadline for registration is May 22.

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