SiLiCON CARiBE To Stage 1st Annual Caribbean Bloggers Week

KINGSTON, JamaicaSiLiCON CARiBE the award-winning Caribbean Tech Media and Events brand, will stage the first annual Caribbean Bloggers Week across the Region and Diaspora, from December 5th to 10th, 2016.

It will celebrate and showcase the power of Digital Influencers of Caribbean + Caribbean descent. They are primarily Caribbean Millennials who are Bloggers, Podcasters, Instagrammers, YouTubers and other types of Digital Creatives.

The event which is staged 90% online, will profile and interview emerging and rockstar Digital Influencers; publish educational how-to and how-I-did articles from expert bloggers;  release The Status of Caribbean Blogosphere Trend Report; launch an Official Caribbean Blog directory plus host two Twitter Chats.

The week will culminate with Blogger Meetups hosted by top Caribbean Bloggers in Kingston, Port of Spain, New York and London.

Ingrid Riley founder of Caribbean Bloggers Week
Ingrid Riley

Caribbean Bloggers Week is our newest event and our intention is that it inspires the increased development, marketing and distribution of more original Caribbean Digital Content. You see, it is of great value that more of us, come to understand the value and opportunity of owning a blog, an independent digital media platform, for which you can set your own agenda. A platform where you can produce text, audio, photo and video digital content, build an engaged and loyal audience and achieve amazing things, including a profitable business,” said Ingrid Riley, Founder of SiliconCaribe.

SiliconCaribe is the multi award-winning Caribbean Tech Blog that’s been chronicling and showcasing how the Caribbean does Tech by covering Caribbean Technology News, Startups, Mobile Trends, Digital Culture and Digital Business since 2007.

The Media entity has also staged over 90 different type of Caribbean Tech events for Entrepreneurs and Creatives.

Under this year’s theme, “The Power of Digital Influence,” Caribbean Bloggers Week is on a mission to raise the visibility and viability of Caribbean Content Creators, Tastemakers and Marketers and increase the understanding and collaboration between them and Caribbean and Global brands.

SiLiCON CARiBE To Stage 1st Annual Caribbean Bloggers Week

I’ve been blogging here at for just over 9 years myself, and one of the things that I truly love about blogging paired with social media, is the ability to create great content, engage and build a loyal audience and become an authority in your space, which is the foundation of digital influence,” says Riley.

Caribbean Bloggers Week online and in person schedule of activities, will also examine how Digital Influence is growing in the Caribbean and Diaspora, the current trends, who are some of rising and leading digital influencers; what makes them so powerful ( their reach, resonance and relevance); how they already are reshaping how entire industries work and how marketing budgets are being spent.

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