Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival (Toronto) will be streamed LIVE to the world

TORONTO, Canada – Caribbean Connections Television is the official online broadcasting sponsor of Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto.

For the first time in its 46 years of colorful celebration the Toronto Caribbean Carnival will be streamed LIVE to the world. Connecting the Rhythmic Pulse of the Caribbean & its People.

CCTV’s LIVE Stream Schedule for Toronto’s Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival week.

Thursday Aug.1 – King & Queen Show.
Friday Aug.2 – PAN Alive Competition.
Friday Aug.2 – Jab Jab JOuvert.
Saturday Aug.3 – Grand Parade & Soca Show.
Saturday Aug.3 – Night event TBA.
Sunday Aug.4 – Chutney Fete.
Sunday Aug.4 – Fire Fete.
Monday Aug.5 – Event TBA

Log on to www.caribbeanconnectionstv.com click on the Red Live Web Cast button & Enjoy!

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