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Saint Lucia or Antigua & Barbuda: Which Citizenship by Investment Suits You Best?

Just one trip to these sunny and warm countries makes you think about moving. They have everything you need for a comfortable life: beautiful landscapes, a high economy, and services. It is not difficult to realize your plan and obtain an official second citizenship, as numerous programs are available for investors.

Before starting your search, you should get expert advice. Compare offers, share your expectations, including your desired benefits, and make an appropriate plan. For example, the idea to get a passport of St Lucia will attract your attention. There are also other profitable options.

Citizenship by Investment

Overview of Citizenship Programs

Wealthy business owners have the opportunity to improve business efficiency through migration. A new country opens up special prospects that may not have been available. It is possible to obtain a permanent residence permit thanks to a minimum list of conditions for foreigners. This includes includes:

  • options for investing in the economy or other areas;
  • collection of documents, the list of which is included in the program terms and conditions;
  • information about the legal operation of your business.

It is challenging to decide which of the programs meets the requirements on your own, says Vladlena Baranova, an expert at Immigrant Invest. Determining the needs and preparing for the procedure requires a lot of time, which is usually insufficient. Accredited agents help facilitate the path to the desired Antigua passport by investment. The information about the requirements and features and cooperation with lawyers will allow you to make the right choice.

Investment Options in Saint Lucia vs Antigua & Barbuda

Comparison of the countries’ programs will help determine investment options. Migrants who want to get a “strong” passport have several options. For example, Saint Lucia offers to issue a permit if one of the conditions for capital transfer is met:

  • a charitable contribution of 100 thousand dollars (150 thousand for families);
  • purchase of residential real estate – from 200 thousand dollars;
  • investing in local business – $1 million;
  • state funds – from 300 thousand.

According to the program, close relatives are included in the application. The spouse (or future spouse), children, and parents also receive citizenship and move to the island. Dependents do not pay contributions, are exempt from proof of capital, and do not have to invest. Therefore, the whole family can obtain citizenship.

Foreigners interested in the Antigua citizenship program also have several investment options. In this case, it is necessary to choose between a charitable contribution (a single applicant and family contribute 100 thousand dollars), the purchase of real estate (from 200 thousand), obtaining a part of a local company (from 400 thousand), or a contribution to a state fund for 300 thousand dollars.

citizenship by investment Antigua & Barbuda

Benefits Comparison of Saint Lucia and Antigua & Barbuda

The programs attract attention with the advantages offered. This way, countries stimulate the demand of foreign investors. Common Antigua and Barbuda CBI program benefits include:

  • easy travel to other countries without prior visa application;
  • access to quality healthcare and education;
  • favorable investment conditions for singles and large families.

Citizenship is inherited, so the next generation is guaranteed to receive a passport from the chosen country. The absence of additional conditions for permanent residence favorably distinguishes St. Lucia’s offer. The possibility of obtaining a second passport to the Caribbean is supported by its high status in the international ranking.

Antigua is Lucia’s main competitor, as the strength of its residence permit is estimated at 59th place. More visa-free countries and optimal age requirements for added applicants are available to investors.

The Application Process: What to Expect

You can apply for the citizen program remotely. You need to prepare documents and submit them to the consulate. Within 3-4 months, government agencies check applicants for reliability. The decision on granting citizenship is sent by mail to the address indicated in the documents. Once you have received permission to apply for a passport, you must swear allegiance to the new country. There is no need to renounce your first citizenship.

Legal and Financial Considerations for Each Country

It is worth paying attention to Saint Lucia citizenship through investment and Antigua’s offer. Confirming the right decision is easy, as the countries offer exemptions from:

  • double taxation
  • capital gains taxes
  • taxes on gifts

Lawyers who have been working with the programs for a long time can help you get advice on legal issues. It makes moving to the island easy.

Saint Lucia or Antigua & Barbuda?

You should evaluate the offers based on your personal preferences. For example, the Antigua program allows you to travel to Hong Kong and Singapore. However, the main St Lucia passport benefits stimulate high demand for the offer. Currently, Antigua offers to obtain citizenship for a family, the cost of which starts from 100 thousand dollars.


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