Road to the Super Bowl: Top Seeds in the 2023 NFL Playoffs

A football victory in the National Football League comes with a fine goal of reaching the Super Bowl and bringing in the team’s name on top. For many football fans, this final annual playoff comprising the strongest teams on the field provides unbeatable excitement and enthusiastic energy to many.

Now gearing up for the finals, football fans are continuously keeping an eye on the best picks for this season. Of course, what’s more exciting than the challenging betting journey while enjoying a fun match? If you’re entirely in and are getting ready for the final blow, here are the top seeds to check in the NFL playoffs this 2023.

2023 NFL Playoffs

About NFL

Before exploring the top seeds this season, it is first essential to understand that the NFL comprises two conferences, the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). There are 32 participating teams, wherein each conference will have 16 teams split into four divisions. These divisions include the East, North, South, and West, with four teams each.

Knowing the basics about the NFL will enable you to easily check on the latest odds and set possible winning bets for the Super Bowl through available bookies online.

Final Playoff Seedings

The teams included below are AFC and NFC’s final seedings list, composing the winners for each division and its distinctive strength on the field.


1. Kansas City Chiefs (West Winner)

The Kansas City Chiefs brought in the winner of the AFC West division with a 14-3 record. Undeniably, the Chiefs have been on the top, claiming the win in the west for seven years straight. Their dominance in the division is made possible with the team’s strong take on quarterback positions, including the strength with pass catchers and offensive line.

2. Buffalo Bills (East Winner)

Second on the AFC final playoff seedings is the East division winner, the Buffalo Bills. The Bills have a record of 13-3, showing off great highlights on their offensive line and touchdown-scoring ability on the field. Moreover, their starting quarterbacks have shown great strength in effectively leading offensive plays. Thus, giving off much reason for the Buffalo Bills to win the AFC East division title for three consecutive years.

3. Cincinnati Bengals (North Winner)

The past seasons were for sure challenging for the Cincinnati Bengals. However, the team has surprised many with its strength on the field, winning the AFC North divisions this season. The team’s wide receivers provided an advantage in forward pass catches with extreme teamwork with the quarterbacks. Besides that, Bengal’s offense is also their prime key in continuously achieving an impressive season ahead.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars (South Winner)

The winner for the South division of the AFC is the Jacksonville Jaguars. With a strong mind and dedication promising a win to play in the next playoff over the weekends, the team successfully secured a spot with its win in the division. The Jaguars have presented a 9-8 with their improving defense, offense, and strength with runners and elite receivers.


1. Philadelphia Eagles (East Winner)

Undoubtedly, the Philadelphia Eagles’ defense has put the team on the bright spot. The Eagles’ ability to off the opposing team’s offensive line has given light to their strength and unmatchable dominant force. Moreover, the team’s offensive line is also considered outstanding, providing a 14-3 record this season.

2. San Francisco 49ers (West Winner)

The San Francisco 49er’s strength on the field lies solely in their defense. The Niners are eager to build and focus more on their safety strengths, pro-outside linebackers, flexibility, and running backs. Moreover, the team showed good tactics in ensuring a limited-field position advantage over the opposition. The squad has achieved a division win, combining all its player strength with a record of 13-4.

3. Minnesota Vikings (North Winner)

The Minnesota Vikings have secured a spot as the NFC North division winner with a record of 13-4. The Vikings have made this possible with the help of their notable players excelling in wide receiving, offense, and excellent passing features. Additionally, the team’s blocking and dynamic passing attack contribute much as their point gainer over the past matches. With great mind and discipline, the Vikings aim to push further the effort to achieve victory.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (South Winner)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, or the Bucks, sit atop the NFC South divisions with an 8-9 record. When talking about the strengths during on-field action, the Bucks always make sure that touchdown is prioritized. With the goal in mind, the team matches up the energy with effective interceptions, thus keeping the ball out of hand from the opposition. The strength and experience have enabled the squad to foster.


The teams included on the list have for sure shown great effort and ability to secure a spot on the top. With the Super Bowl gearing up closer this season, the teams and their players are doubling the effort to bring out only the best on the field. Of course, the fans also join in the fun with the keen eye to only choose a winning pick while enjoying an exciting experience match filled with footy actions.


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