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‘Reversed Caribbean’ Diabetes Reality Show to be launched in Jamaica

SOUTH FLORIDA – Celebrity chef Charles Mattocks as seen on such shows as Dr Oz, The Today Show, CNN, Good Morning America and Anderson Cooper, brings you the first ever Diabetes Reality TV show. The revolutionary approach to lifestyle management of diabetes will be filmed on the island of Jamaica, surrounded by the lush nature and the island’s beautiful people, Reversed will feature seven (7) people from Jamaica, Trinidad, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

With diabetes reaching pandemic stage, the people of the Caribbean are being hit hard. With almost 1 out of 3 on these islands suffering from diabetes, Mattocks will produce a thrilling and compelling, as well as, entertaining program that will showcase the lives and stories of each person living in the house. This is not a contest, this is real life!

The producer will use some of the best Doctors, Nutritionists, Herbalists, Dietitians, and personal trainers the islands and states have to show these guests how to take back or as we say ‘Reverse’ their lives. The program with span over two weeks and will change the face of diabetes and health. Be the first to be a part of the excitement. Mattocks will look to air the TV show in Trinidad, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and The Bahamas to name a few.

Why the islands?

Celebrity chef Charles is not from the islands, but due to his rich heritage as the nephew of the late reggae legend Bob Marley, he wanted to create a platform to help the people of his island, Jamaica. Charles is also a worldwide diabetes advocate. He is a Blue Ribbon Champion with the International Diabetes Federation and a spokesperson with the American Diabetes Association. Charles is seen all over the world talking diabetes and healthcare. As a celebrity chef he has seen the need first hand to address the issues of healthy eating and exercise.

Reversed is a movement that comes along once in a lifetime. The people of the Caribbean need the education and inspiration to improve their condition and lifestyle now. With Reversed, millions will have the chance to see how to life their best life. You can now take back your health, take back your future.

You can view the Trailer here: https://sflcn.com/multimedia.php?id=6iFPChf_mqc

We are looking for committed sponsors from the health, food and music sectors to be a part of this revolutionary show. For more information on being a sponsor, professional specialist or to be a Reversed house guest, contact Sharon Parris-Chambers 876-275-3169 or [email protected] .

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