Planning To Get Out Of Diamond Timeshare? Read This Quick Guide!

Planning To Get Out Of Diamond Timeshare? Read This Quick Guide!

Are you looking for reasons and ideas on how do I cancel my diamond resorts timeshare? Are you tired of paying the hefty fee that they charge you every time? 

Opting for an exit plan from your timeshare can be because of many reasons. And if you have finally decided to take this step, it is essential to educate yourself about a few things. Here are some possibilities from the Diamond Resorts that you may have to deal with when you get out of Diamond timeshare: 

There is a surrender option:

Diamond Resorts allows you a surrender option under which you can voluntarily give up your diamond timeshare. However, there are certain things you need to justify before surrendering your timeshare. 

Firstly, it is necessary to pay the timeshare fully. So, make sure that you have cleared all the payments, including the current fees, at the right time. You can now send an email to Diamond’s loss mitigation and mention your plan of taking back the timeshare. You are also expected to mention the reason for opting out of this plan. 

The team will then review your case and decide whether to accept it or not. Many times, the team accepts your surrender, but remember, there are exceptions too. When accepted, they will send you some paperwork. Follow all the instructions listed down in the paperwork and pay them the stipulated fee as per the contract. 

Once all the formalities have been taken care of, the company takes back your diamond timeshare. Now, you are no longer the owner of it. 

Benefits of the surrender option: 

Many past owners of Diamond Timeshare have stated that the surrender option works in their favor. It is because the process doesn’t involve a lot of hassle, nor is it very time-consuming. You can get out of it quickly, free, and clear. Here are the benefits of voluntary surrender: 

  • The surrender option by Diamond Resort is a laudable approach. It includes an exit mechanism that allows all the owners to step out of the program whenever they want. The DRI plan offers a lot of relief to its timeshare owners and encourages flexibility.


  • As there is no mediator and you directly get to deal with the company, it helps you avoid unwanted scams. Many scammers throughout the world target all the timeshare owners and dupe them. It is not the case when you give away your timeshare in this scenario. The entire process is legitimate and is looked after by the company itself.


  • Once the paperwork is done, the company sets you free of your timeshare completely. Thus, you don’t have to worry about a buyer anymore. Another advantage – you aren’t obligated to pay the fees until they find the right buyer of the timeshare. 


  • The process of getting rid of a diamond timeshare is fairly quick. You only have to wait for the answer from the company, and once they respond to your request, everything else follows up very quickly. This factor saves you the time you would otherwise spend finding a seller and waiting for long to sell your timeshare to them.
Some tips before you exercise the process: 

Before you proceed with a Diamond resorts cancellation, here are some tips to follow: 

  • Do not proceed before actually knowing if giving up your diamond share is good for you or not. 
  • Make sure you are all paid up. If you surrender without paying all the outstanding bills and due payments, it can cost you later. 
  • Do everything as per the instructions of the letter. Anything unwanted is a big no-no. 

Who had thought that getting out of one’s Diamond Resorts Timeshare will become a cakewalk? Follow this step-by-step guide carefully to achieve what you desire.  

Timeshare compliance reviews is a good source to help you select timeshare exit companies.


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