Planning an Unforgettable Class Reunion

Class Reunion

It’s been 10, 15, maybe even 20 years since you graduated high school – and now folks are looking to put together a class reunion. Though it may seem like a daunting task it doesn’t have to be. Take it one step at a time, and give your former classmates a reunion they’ll never forget.

Track Down Classmates Early

Perhaps the most intimidating part is figuring out how to contact every person from your graduating class. Reach out to your alma mater to get a list of those who graduated in your year.

Nowadays the easiest way to find people is via social media. You can also use the phone book or do a quick internet search.

It’s likely that the majority of your classmates will be on Facebook. Start a Facebook group so everyone can receive updates about the event in one place.

Nail Down a Venue and Date

Finding an available date that works for the majority of people can be tricky. Consider times like October, when homecoming festivities and football games are, or around Thanksgiving or Christmas. These are optimal times for classmates who have left the area to come home and visit.

Research venues that are fitting as far as capacity goes. Assume that many people will now have a spouse to bring, and add 30% to your number of expected classmates.

Book Entertainment

The difference between a good time and a great time can come down to the entertainment. You might look for comedians, solo acts, or bands for hire to round out the experience of the reunion.

Are you going with a theme for the event, along the lines of the time period in which you graduated? Lean into the nostalgia and book a cover band who can crank out the hits from that era during the night.

Hone in on a Menu

Putting together a menu that covers a wide array of food is best to please such a large crowd. Consider special diets due to health, the time of year it is, and whether you’d like to present a full meal or an array of appetizers for the night. If a full meal is what you’re leaning towards, consider a buffet for ease.

Plan Activities for the Reunion Itself

Look to recreate high school experiences, like crowning a king and queen or handing out awards.

Have attendees vote throughout the night for superlatives like Class Clown, Most Likely to Succeed, Cutest Couple, etc.

Plan Activities In Addition to the Main Gathering

It’s likely that many people will be traveling in from out of town to attend the reunion. This means they will be in the area for longer than the night of the event.

Organizing events in the surrounding towns will give people something to do all weekend long. Organize a brunch for the morning after. Schedule an activity like an escape room or at a unique attraction in the area for Friday night.

Having a lineup of events will make the reunion feel robust and give people more chances to connect.



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