Penthouse Records relinquishes management of Buju Banton

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Kingston-based Penthouse Records has announced its amicable separation from artiste Mark Myrie, more popularly known as Buju Banton.

In a statement, CEO of Penthouse, Donovan Germain, noted that, “I have been guiding and managing the career of Buju Banton for the last 18 years and the time has come for this chapter to close”.

Mr. Germain noted that having dedicated the last 18 years to building Buju Banton’s career, taking him from obscurity to the pinnacle of international stardom, it was with a sense of pride that he was relinquishing the management of the artiste, to move on to other activities.

He added, “First and foremost, I am a producer and after spending so many years on the road touring, I now feel the need to get back in the studio and get really involved in the production side of the music,” Mr. Germain stated.

He emphasized that this was a “mutual decision” which was long in the making. The Penthouse CEO pointed out that Buju Banton would be handling his own affairs under his Gargamel Music outfit.

“Buju is now refurbishing his studio and his entire operations, so he will be able to handle his bookings and all management-related activities.”

Mr. Germain stated that he wished Buju continued success and declared that the artiste could feel free to call on his expertise whenever necessary.

Penthouse Records has a roster of young artistes including Anthony Cruz, Nikeishia Barnes and Romaine Virgo.

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