Op Ed: Why I am voting for Joe Biden

Op Ed: Why I am voting for Joe Biden
Joe Biden (file photo)

by Dahlia Walker-Huntington

SOUTH FLORIDA – I get it that I am probably more political than most people and have been since I was a child, thanks to my politically active mother; but since the 2016 Presidential campaign, politics in America has been hard to ignore. America’s norms, values, institutions and laws have been turned on their heads; and the world over, people are asking the same question many of us in America ask every day – how did this happen?  Books and treatises have been and will be written about the phenomenon that propelled a failed business man and reality TV star to the highest position in the world.

Today, I want to look at how we change the trajectory that we have been on since 2016. We have but one choice to make that change, and that is to vote for Joe Biden on November 3rd, 2020.

It is hard to deny that the current occupant of the White House has been an unconventional President.  From his constant lies, to his total ignorance of history, to his lack of leadership in the COVID 19 Pandemic, to his constantly dividing the country, to working against the laws he swore to uphold, to promoting his own self-interest – to name a few. It is remarkable how much ineptitude he brought to the job, and indignity that he has bestowed on the Office.

Joe Biden is not a perfect man, neither is he a perfect politician; but he is the perfect person for this moment in time to restore and lead America. I have not always agreed with Joe Biden, he was a member of the United States Senate from 1973 – 2009, and Vice President from 2009 – 2016.

However, what gives me comfort, is that Joe Biden has the ability to do the job, and that he will act in the best interest of the United States of America as her President. Biden has the experience, both legislative and executive to restore this country to one where the rule of law is supreme, and he will execute plans to unify and not divide us.

Make no mistake America is on the ballot in November, and democracy in this nation is at stake.  This is not an election where you can “sit this one out” – the mockery that has been done to America’s ideals and to her standing in the world has to be repaired.  It will take years to move America beyond the disruption to the framework and institutions that Number 45 has leveled; and, if he is in for eight years, it is going to take a generation to restore this nation.  Let’s be clear, a vote for anyone other than Joe Biden is a vote for the current President. Not voting, is a vote for the status quo. Writing in someone’s name is a vote for continuing the mayhem.

There is no such thing as a perfect candidate, but rest assured that in Joe Biden you will get a President who understands the experiment that is America, and sees the hope that is engrained in all Americans.  Joe also understands that America is a country of immigrants from all over the world, and that the fabric of this country is made stronger by all her people. Joe Biden connects with others; he listens, and one of his strengths is his ability to reflect on his past actions and reassess where he could have done better. He has the capacity for forgiveness, empathy, and the ability to soothe a nation.

The job Biden will take over as President in 2021 will not be easy, but he has pledged to rebuild an economy that works for everyone, to heal this country from five years of division, to embrace our differences, and most importantly to be the President for all Americans – not just for the people who vote for him as he moves the country forward.

Election after election candidates have said, ‘…this is the most important election in our lifetime.’ Well, never has it been truer than it is in 2020.  We must elect Joe Biden, all of us have to come together and take America back from this chaos, lawlessness and division.  If you want to learn more about where Joe Biden stands on a variety of issues, visit his website to learn his vision for America www.joebiden.com/joes-vision/

In 2020 there can be no purity tests. There is but one goal – vote for Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States, and restore America.


Dahlia A. Walker-Huntington, Esq on States Rights
Dahlia A. Walker-Huntington, Esq.


Dahlia A. Walker-Huntington, Esq. is a Jamaican-American attorney who practices Immigration law in the United States; and Family, Criminal & International law in Florida.  She is a Mediator and Former Special Magistrate & Hearing Officer in Broward County, Florida. [email protected]



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