No Cash Needed to Travel; Jamaicans Soon to Have Access to a Cashless Transportation System

Zypps TODDS demo meeting in Kingston, Jamaica

Mrs. Melissa Bonnick Anderson General Manager Zyleck (left) demonstrates how to operate the ZYPPS App to the representatives of TODDS at recent meeting held in Kingston. Also present at the demo session were Mr. Egeton Newman, President TODSS (standing), Mrs. Sharon Hay-Webster former MP and advisor to TODSS (2nd right), Ms. Kewezia Wilson IT Manager Zyleck (2nd left), Mr. Victor Salazar Zyleck (right) and other TODDS executives.

Over 20,000 taxi operators are gearing up to use the online Zypps Platform to process all commutes under the TODSS/Zyleck 20-year agreement.  

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Jamaicans will begin to see a major change in taxi services, primarily in the way rides are scheduled and paid for, and better service delivery.

Members of the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Service (TODSS) are now preparing for full integration of the online Zypps Platform to manage all transactional processes of daily taxi operations and to bring more real time visibility into operations for improved security and safety.

With this online system, commuters (Zypps Riders) will need to book their rides ahead of time either on the Zypps App or through the Zypps call centre and or service agents across the country.

Commuters will purchase the service using the Zypps prepaid card and/or their debit cards.

Customers will also be able to acquire and reload Zypps Prepaid cards at all Paymaster locations throughout the country.

The 20-year agreement between Zyleck Jamaica Limited (Zypps) and TODSS provides a sustainable technological solution to address the current national transportation problem.

The partnership enables both companies to be strategically equipped to address the transportation needs for economic development and population growth.

Mrs. Melissa Bonnick Anderson General Manager – Zyleck Jamaica Limited

Mrs. Melissa Bonnick Anderson General Manager – Zyleck Jamaica Limited

Head of Zyleck Jamaica Limited, Mrs. Melissa Bonnick Anderson said, “The partnership is structured to bring about order, safety, efficiency and sustainable development toward promoting commerce and growing revenue for transport operators.”

She further emphasized that the system being introduced is a transportation marketplace that all operators can be a part of, without feeling disenfranchised. “It has the intelligence built in with the ability to also collect separate tiered revenue streams from visitors to the island who use the marketplace for scheduled rides, ” she explained.

Mr. Egeton Newman President – TODSS

Mr. Egeton Newman President – TODSS

President of TODSS, Mr. Egeton Newman, emphasized that the union between TODSS and Zyleck is supportive of the Ministry of Transportation’s push to solve the immediate crisis.

He said, “We will be emphasizing this technological approach to solve the problem [transport issues and challenges facing Jamaica] consistent with the government’s 2030 vision for Jamaica.

A focus of this technological approach is to make road safety a priority and responsibility for all, while allowing all operators to earn a more decent income stream at lower cost on a more equitable basis.”

In support of the Government of Jamaica’s transport regulations, traffic management and infrastructure administrative costs, the Zyleck/TODSS agreement also makes provision for fees that will be remitted to the government in support of the co-sponsored research project.

Furthermore, under this agreement transport operators are presented with the opportunity to work less and earn more through guaranteed rides throughout the work window.

Additionally, transport companies have the earning potential of a 5% commission off each ride, when the current manual radio dispatching system used by such operators are replaced with Zyleck’s supplied Android tablets equipped with unlimited data connectivity for automated dispatching.

Zyleck also offers drivers the opportunity to become part owners of the Zypps Transportation Marketplace with a 10% stake in the platform as part of their membership benefit of the TODSS network; Drivers will have autonomy to choose their designated start and end times and decide on their specified routes.

TODSS, with the support from Zyleck Jamaica, officially launched its 2020 National Road Safety Awareness Campaign Agenda on Sunday, January 19 at the Mountain View New Testament Church of God in Kingston.

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