Nicky Lush Celebrates One Year Anniversary of “The Lush Zone”

Nicole "Nicky Lush" Fidler
Nicole “Nicky Lush” Fidler

by Howard Campbell

FORT LAUDERDALE – With the tentacles of COVID-19 causing global chaos, there has not been much to celebrate in the last six months for many people. That is not the case for Jamaican Nicole “Nicky Lush” Fidler whose show, The Lush Zone, marks its first anniversary in October.

The hour-long variety program airs Wednesdays at 7 pm on @thelushzone Instagram LIVE. It launched last October with Fidler interviewing proprietors of the Jamaican-owned Sugar Rush Cake Factory in Fort Lauderdale.

Fidler, a South Florida resident for 20 years, has since hosted several aspiring business people as well as entertainers such as Mr. Lexx and Stacious.

“I’m extremely pleased with the traffic, engagement and energy from all the viewers and fans. Appears the viewers always look forward to what’s coming next,” said Fidler. “There is always room for improvement. I’m always trying to develop on where I see areas of strength, meaning where I get the most attention. It has been nothing but positive during Covid. I’ve helped many financially and given them a platform to display their talent at no cost.”

One of the satisfying aspects of The Lush Zone’s first year, was a weekly talent contest that attracted emerging artists from the United States and Canada.

Among the winners were Kali, a saxophonist/singer. They received a cash prize and an opportunity to record with singer/songwriter/producer J-Stylz of Blackstreet fame.

“They looked forward to viewing and participating. I was told on many occasions how grateful they were for the platform to display their talent as a way to be heard, recognized and noticed,” said Fidler.

The Lush Zone has expanded to other social media platforms including Spotify and Anchor. It also has a YouTube channel.

Nicole Fidler, who is from Kingston, is not surprised her first crack at solo broadcasting has done well.

“It’s a home for positive entertainment; everyone who viewed the program left smiling. Overall, The Lush Zone is a positive experience,” she said.


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