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New Canadian Real Estate Company to Build Homes in Jamaica

Toronto, CANADA – Sheldon Christian and Daniel Clarke have announced the launch of Kross Keys Inc.(KKI), an innovative real estate company dedicated to property development in Jamaica.

“KKI exists primarily to help Jamaican nationals in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom achieve their desires of owning a home or investing in property on the island,” says Christian, co-founder and operations manager of KKI. “We’ve known for many years that there is a demand for a company like KKI and we are excited and proud to serve this specific niche market.”

Christian says many Jamaicans living abroad have been reluctant to build homes in Jamaica because of their lack of knowledge in terms of locating the most reliable and skilled professionals to do the job.

“I’ve heard countless stories of people relying on family members in Jamaica to oversee the construction of their homes, and being sadly disappointed after realizing that their hard earned savings have been wasted or misused,” says Christian.

With KKI, clients will receive the help and support of trustworthy, reliable, and highly qualified building professionals. They will have around-the-clock access to a secure website, allowing them to view the development of their homes from foundation to completion.

“We want to ensure that our clients are fully informed about every aspect of the development process and that they are presented with tangible evidence of construction,” says Clarke, president and CEO of KKI.

“We feel that the best way to do this is to give them complete access to all the professionals that will be involved in constructing their homes, as well as enable them to view and monitor the construction process.”

In fact, the most attractive features of KKI are the host of services they offer which all serve one fundamental goal: to ensure that clients receive the greatest return on their investments. Among other things, KKI also provides property listing services for clients interested in selling and/or purchasing resale properties in Jamaica.

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