“Never Lose your Swagger! In celebration of Caribbean Heritage Month and Father’s Day

MIAMI – Bahamian, CEO, life coach and author, Dr. J’Ramando Horton is set to hold a book release party for his new book, Never Lose Your Swagger on Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 from 8:00pm -10pm at Grand Central, 697 North Miami Avenue Miami.

Just in time for Father’s Day, “Never Lose Your Swagger was written to help men recover their masculinity in a world that leaves them unsure of their role in it as a man.”

Never Lose Your Swagger by Dr. Horton highlights 5 points on how men can recover and secure their masculinity in these changing times.

1. Swagger Discovery: Men, who have discovered themselves will develop Charm, Magnetism, and Irresistible Swagger.

2. Self Confidence: Realize that swagger is self-worth and self confidence that man have for himself.

3. The Alpha Male: A man with Authentic Swagger has the attributes of An Alpha Male: he has outstanding qualities of a good character, Integrity, Charismatic, and Rational Thinker.

4. Style: It’s not the clothes that make a man sexy. It’s how he carries his apparel with confidence and ease that does.

5. Intellectualism: An educated man uses his education and knowledge for wise and good purposes.

6.Sexually Appealing: A man with sex appeal possess personal attractiveness, good communication, masculinity,and a sense of humor. He exudes an aura of congeniality and establish a comfortable presence for others.

“Reaching U Network is honored to be able to provide a platform for Professor Horton to bring awareness of the potential the men in our
community have. This event is about celebrating the positive male role models, fathers and uncles that help to uplift and sustain our communities, states Reaching U Network, Inc. CEO Christopher Edwards.

Feature poet for the night is Mo West from Jacksonville, Florida. Poetry show starts at 10pm. Admission is $10 before 10pm and $15 after 10pm. For additional information or to purchase a copy Never Lose Your Swagger visit

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