More Options Available on Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) Website

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Travellers planning a Jamaican vacation can now enjoy more options, learn about attractions and book travel packages, via the recently launched website of the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) –

Created and designed by worldwide agency of record, Draftfcb New York, the tourism product and offerings of Jamaica, are now being marketed and showcased to the world on the website, which is a rebirth of Jamaica’s online brand presence. It will offer a fresh look and feel, focussing on the country’s diverse attractions, activities and accommodations that range from ‘ritzy’ to ‘roadside’.

In explaining the ‘ritzy’ to ‘roadside’ concept, Director of Tourism, Basil Smith, noted that this idea is brought out on the website through a picture frame, which gives various depictions of aspects of Jamaica.

“On the ritzy side,” he told JIS News, “you might get one of the more upscale hotels with fancy table settings, while on the roadside, you might get a less formal setting with peppered shrimp or pan chicken.”

Serving the needs of the modern and technically savvy global traveller, the website will enhance each visitor’s Jamaican experience, before he or she arrives, and make trip planning and exploring completely interactive.

Mr. Smith pointed out that it was quite imperative for the JTB to create an updated, improved and interactive website, with the fact that 60 per cent of consumers, now shop and buy travel online, in the main markets that the sector targets.

“The previous website had not been updated as frequently as it should have, so we took the opportunity to go from square one, rethink the whole concept, take a new perspective and create a site that would meet the needs of all consumers,” the Director said.

Highlighting the main features and details of the website, Mr. Smith informed that with the new booking engine, Travelocity, on board, users would be able to buy their entire travel package online.

“There is also a shopping basket feature where, as you browse through, you can put aside the things that interest you and then compile it at the very end to make your booking,” he told JIS News.

Visitors will also be able to explore what Jamaica offers through an engaging experience, featuring the country’s people, culture, art, music, cuisine, history, attractions and diverse range of accommodations. Users will be invited to “flip” various images that are provided, to learn more about the island and save their favourites in a personalised trip planning page called ‘My Jamaica’ – a feature which will also allow them to email and share with friends and family.

The new website, boasts other key features, including improved functionality, updated content, quicker response time, GPS tracking of favourite spots and Google maps.

The website, the Tourism Director asserted, is expected to “deliver a significant increase in visitors, stimulate and promote increased interest in Jamaica and allow users to realise that this is an efficient and reliable way to get the best information about Jamaica and the most effective way to book their holidays.”

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