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Miramar Mayor Messam addresses Haitian TPS Extension

Miramar Mayor Messam addresses Haitian TPS Extension
Mayor Messam

MIRAMAR – On May 17, 2017, a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Extension Resolution proposed by Mayor Wayne Messam and approved unanimously by the City Commission was passed in the City of Miramar.

The recent decision by the Trump Administration to extend TPS for the Haitian Community by a mere six-month period is inexcusable and unacceptable.

Due to the continued instability in Haiti resulting from the earthquake, Hurricane Matthew and subsequently cholera, it is imperative that the 58,000 Haitian nationals who face deportation be given a much longer reprieve.

“We cannot sit idly by and watch Miramar families and others throughout the United States be torn apart without urging the President and his administration to take meaningful action,” said Mayor Wayne M. Messam.

Community organizations such as the Haitian American Democratic Club were in attendance during passage of the resolution and stood witness to the City’s support.

“The advocacy efforts of municipalities like the City of Miramar and a host of other local organizations has somewhat paid off. While a six month extension is better than the alternative of letting TPS expire, the Haitian American Democratic Club was hoping the extended stay would be for at least 18 months or more,” said Haitian American Democratic Club President Guithele Ruiz-Nicolas.

“The City of Miramar will continue to take necessary action in support of the Haitian Community,”
said Messam.

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