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MIRAMAR – Miramar Commissioner, Winston Barnes in partnership with Women on a Mission and the Law Offices of Suzanne St. Luce will host a free Citizenship Drive on Saturday, October 5 from 10AM to 2PM at the Broward County Miramar Branch Library located at 2050 Civic Center Place.

The drive will assist individuals seeking U.S. citizenship assistance.

Attendees must provide the following information and documents:

Green card;
Two (2) recent passport photos;
Social Security number;
Date of birth;
Passport with list of trips outside the U.S. since getting your green card including dates left and reentered the U.S. and all countries visited;
All addresses for last 5 years including dates lived at those addresses;
Employment for last 5 years including: Company name, complete address, position, start & end dates;
School (if any) for last 5 years including: Company name, complete address, start & end dates;
Current Spouse: Name, Date of birth, Immigration status, Date of marriage, Social security number (if known) and address;
Information regarding prior spouse: Name, Immigration status, Date of marriage and
Date of divorce or death;
Information on current spouse’s prior spouses: Name, Immigration status, Date of marriage; Date of divorce or death;
Children: Name, Date of birth, Current address, Immigration status. County of birth; and
Driving record printout

Filing Fee for Qualified Attendees: $680.00 made payable to Department of Homeland Security. Fee waivers may be available to those who qualify.

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