Miami International Airport’s (MIA) new informational radio station is now broadcasting on 1610 AM 24 hours a day. Unofficially dubbed WMIA, the station broadcasts important information regarding airport roadway traffic conditions, parking, airline locations and precautions for drivers in the vicinity of the airport.

The station was launched Wednesday, May 11, during See America Week, formerly National Tourism Week, in conjunction with the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“I’m delighted that we are offering visitors and residents alike a new tool that makes traveling to and from MIA more customer-friendly,” said Carlos F. Bonzon, Ph.D., P.E., Miami-Dade County Interim Aviation Department Director. “This is part of our on-going effort to provide easy access to useful information, whether it’s travel tips or parking availability at the Airport.”

The radio station has a 10-watt signal and may eventually increase to 100 watts. Ten watts allows coverage of a two-mile radius, while 100 watts would cover up to 12 miles. The broadcast can be operated and monitored by a remote network user through the Internet and a private Local Area Network (LAN).

Bright blue signs posted along State Roads 836, 826, and 112 will direct motorists to the radio station’s location on the AM dial.

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