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Miami Carnival’s GC, Marlon Hill Details Miami Carnival Vibes for 2023

MIAMI – Miami Carnival is set to kick off on Saturday, September 30th at Central Broward Park and & Stadium. Tracey Hamilton of Tracey Hamilton & Associates caught up with Miami Carnival’s Legal Counsel to get some details on this year’s Miami Carnival vibes.

Q: Can I have your full name, and what is your association with Miami Carnival?
Miami Carnival’s GC, Marlon Hill Details Miami Carnival Vibes for 2023
Attorney Marlon Hill

A: My name is Marlon Hill, general counsel to Miami Carnival. I was born in Jamaica and migrated as a teenager after schooling at St. George’s College. My bonus is that I have been married for 25 years to a Trini (Carla Hill), and she never lets me forget that fact.

Q; How long has the Miami carnival been going on?

A: Miami Carnival is entering its 39th year of celebrating the best of Caribbean culture and heritage, with the support and energy of immigrants from primarily the N.E. United States and from the region’s Caribbean nations, Miami Carnival has grown into one of North America’s largest cultural tourism events.

Q: Who are the promoters behind this event?

Miami Carnival is produced and presented by Miami Broward One Carnival Host Committee, Inc., a Florida not-for-profit organization. The organization comprises a board of 20 community leaders and is supported by a cadre of contractors, vendors, volunteers, and community voices. 

Q: How has Miami Carnival grown through the years?

A: Miami Carnival has grown exponentially over the years and has had its share of challenges in securing and sustaining its association with a venue that fits the integrity and preservation of the elements of Carnival. In addition to Miami Carnival, there are hundreds of private-themed fetes, parties, and other special events throughout the South Florida region. Miami Carnival generates a direct economic impact of well over 15 million conservatively and bolsters the cultural tourism economy on Columbus Day weekend each year.

Q: Who do you target?

A: Miami Carnival targets primarily residents and visitors of Caribbean descent and increasingly other demographic segments who appreciate the cultural energy of Carnival. Miami Carnival welcomes thousands of visitors from Jamaica, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Virgin Islands, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago, and other Caribbean islands. 

Q: What has the support been like?

A: The support and love for Miami Carnival has been tremendous. It is truly a cultural love affair that transcends generations.

Q: How big are Miami residents on Carnival?

A: Miami and South Florida residents are the core of the Miami Carnival’s sustainability. Even though 35% of the patrons are visitors, Miami Carnival would not exist without them. The taxes they pay to the related governmental entities, in part, underwrite much of the costs and services to produce the Carnival. Most importantly, the residents pay to attend the core events and support the mas bands and steelbands who center our key stakeholders for the Miami Carnival ecosystem.

Q: What is the lineup for this year’s event?

A: The lineup for Miami Carnival this year is going to be a real HARD FETE with the pageantry of over 20 mas bands on the Carnival stage and a legendary lineup of energetic performances from around the Caribbean on the main stage. In addition to sampling your favorite Caribbean comfort food and beverages and purchasing a nostalgic souvenir, you are likely to run to family and friends you have been yearning to see since the pandemic loss of personal time.

Q: Who are the performers?

A: Headlining the Miami Carnival main stage will be Bunji Garlin, Fay-Ann Lyons, Olatunji, Pumpa, YouniT, Skinny Fabulous, Ricardo Drue, Claudette Peters, Asa Bantan, Teddyson John, Iwer George Julien Believe, Shemmy J, (UNIT, Ezra, Trini Jacobs, Alexis Salgado, Roger George.

Q: In a nutshell, what can patrons expect this year?

A: In a nutshell, this year is about reconnecting and recovering lost time. Last year was a tentative coming-out party. This year, we are acting like it was emancipation day. Freedom!

Q: How many bands will be participating?

A: Miami Carnival will welcome over 19 mas bands for the Parade of the Bands on Sunday, October 8, over 20 Jouvert bands for annual J’ouvert on Saturday, October 7, 9 competing steelbands for the Annual Panorama competition on Friday, October 6, and 19 mas bands for the Jr. Carnival on Saturday, September 30. 

For more information, please visit MiamiCarnival.org and on social media at @MiaBroCarnival.


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