Miami and Broward come together for One Carnival – Oct. 11, 2009

Embracing the Notions of Change-Two Major Teams Join Forces

MIAMI -The Miami-Broward One Carnival Host Committee will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Miami Carnival on Sunday, October 11, 2009 at Bicentennial Park in Miami, FL.

After six years of having two Caribbean Carnivals on the same day in South Florida, both Miami Carnival Inc. (MCI) and Broward Caribbean Carnival Inc. (BCCI) have signed an agreement to implement the One Carnival Host Committee Initiative. This spirited collaboration serves as the foundation of a united Carnival celebration in South Florida. This agreement was signed on May 11, 2009.

In past years, both Miami and Broward Caribbean Carnivals have had a significant impact on tourism in South Florida. Each of the Carnivals has attracted over 100,000 people to the area. The impact of this union promises to create an even greater impact on the economy while providing an opportunity for masqueraders, bandleaders, sponsors and promoters. With the support of various civic leaders and municipalities, both Miami and Broward Caribbean Carnival committee members are committed to embracing the spirit of a common ground as it relates to Carnival.

“We have combined our diverse strengths and resources to create a brand that will provide a tremendous social and economic value to the South Florida area. This is an opportunity for us to elevate Carnival to a new level,” stated Ruthven Williams (Chairman/Founding Member of MCI.

“The Miami-Broward One Carnival Host Committee is committed to this one Carnival movement that promises to have a major impact on the entire South Florida economy”, stated Mario Zamora(Director/Founding Member) of BCCI.

Miami Carnival 2008 costumes

“The Caribbean-American community is one of the fastest growing immigrant communities in South Florida. This One Carnival initiative will bolster the community’s continued development in making more significant contributions to the growth and quality of life in South Florida,” stated Marlon A. Hill, Esq., legal counsel to the One Carnival Host Committee initiative.

Grenada representing at Broward Carnival 2008

“The South Florida economy benefits from the richness and diversity of our cultural traditions. We are extremely pleased that County government could play a role in unifying the history, community traditions, resources, and energy of Miami Carnival and Broward Caribbean Carnival. The community at large will benefit from this cultural “Superbowl” stated Commissioner Barbara Jordan, Miami-Dade Commissioner, District 1.

The Miami-Broward One Carnival Host Committee is excited to display the combined creativity and talents that will catapult this celebration into one of the top Caribbean Carnivals in North America.

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