Math for Kids: Interactive Learning with Brighterly

Brighterly, an online math learning platform, successfully challenges the way mathematics is taught. Brighterly’s tutors make learning simple and fun so that your children will giggle at math jokes and playfully calculate large numbers in their minds.

Brighterly teaches PreK-5 math in 1-to-1 classes where theory is combined with interactive activities, games, and hands-on examples that help students excel in numbers.

Math for Kids: Interactive Learning with Brighterly

How Brighterly’s Math Learning Works?

Brighterly offers personalized math courses for kids aged 3-11. The platform connects professional math tutors with homeschoolers and parents who aim to improve their children’s math skills. Here is how Brighterly works:

Parents Order a Free Trial Lesson

At Brighterly, parents can enroll children in personalized math classes, decide on the schedule, and enjoy interactive math learning. The service also offers a free trial lesson so that parents can choose whether they want to continue working with Brighterly. This way, parents can try this service without putting their money upfront.

Children Study Math in Personalized Math Classes

You can schedule a demo lesson at the most convenient time. You will receive a Zoom invitation via SMS or email. Once the class begins, you can stay behind your child and watch how they learn math with a personal tutor.

The tutor will check your child’s math level and determine the knowledge gaps. After the class, the tutor will summarize their observations and report on your child’s knowledge.

If a demo lesson satisfies you, you can purchase one of Brighterly’s learning packages – learning math for kids has never been that transparent.

How Students Learn Math with Brighterly’s Tutors

At Brighterly, each class is standardized in duration to an academic hour, which is 45 minutes. This company focuses on personalized learning and believes that children should study comfortably at their own pace and in the format they love. Therefore, Brighterly’s tutors bring diversity to the learning process, combining several lesson types:

Core Math Lessons

During core math lessons, children get introduced to math concepts. They learn theory and practice studied topics.

These lessons are the cornerstone of the math program and comprise a substantial part of the learning process.

Fun Lessons

Fun lessons revolve around math games and interactive activities that are designed to extend children’s math skills, entertain them, and spark their interest in math.

Brighterly’s tutors skillfully embed fun elements into STEM activities to make studying captivating and increase children’s motivation to learn mathematics.

Feedback & Evaluation Classes

Feedback and evaluation classes are designed so that tutors can check kids’ knowledge and determine further learning direction and topics to be emphasized. These lessons also allow children to share their thoughts on the learning process and offer suggestions.

How Much Does Brighterly’s Math for Kids Cost?

Brighterly offers several math lesson plans:

8 Classes at $34 per Lesson

The smallest math package includes:

  • Eight 1-to-1 lessons.
  • Interactive games and puzzles during lessons.
  • A progress report at the end of the eighth class.

24 Classes at $31 per Lesson

The second package includes all options of the first lesson plan and offers additional features:

  • Twenty-four math classes.
  • Two knowledge & progress evaluation reports.
  • Two make-up lessons.
  • A full phase I of Brighterly Math Learning Journey.
  • A course completion certificate.

48 Classes at $28 per Lesson

The third lesson package includes features of the previous plans and some new perks:

  • Forty-eight math classes.
  • Class notes sent via email after your student completes a learning block.
  • Four knowledge & progress evaluation reports.
  • One parent-teacher meeting.
  • Game-based learning resources with answers.
  • Phase II of Brighterly Math Learning Journey.
  • Flexible class schedule.
  • A course completion certificate.

Math for Kids Online: What Technical Setup Do You Need?

Students at Brighterly study online, and you will need:

  • A personal computer or a laptop.
  • A web camera (no need to buy one if you have a laptop) and a microphone.
  • A stable internet connection.

Brighterly suggests studying on a laptop or a PC using a Chrome browser for the best learning experience.

Brighterly Stands out of Other Math for Kids Websites

Brighterly’s math help for kids offers students well-rounded, diversified, personalized math education using a play-based approach and nurturing love for numbers and mathematics.

Brighterly works with professional math teachers who possess an extensive background in online tutoring. Even more so, Brighterly thoroughly selects tutors, and parents don’t need to spend their time searching for specific teachers. All of them have outstanding experience in mathematics.


Carol, Linda’s mom, 2nd grade

I hired several individual tutors before, but it didn’t work because of a lack of consistency in lessons. But guys from Brighterly alleviated all my fears about personalized tutorship. Linda is getting better and better at math.

She likes to retell math facts she learned from her tutor. I’m fascinated to see my child getting fluent in mathematics and will continue working with Brighterly for sure.

Maverick, Evelyn’s dad, 3rd grade

I’m sure I will book more lessons from Brighterly. Evelyn’s finished the eighth math class, and I admit she gets better at numbers. Plus, I received a detailed report from her tutor, so I see these guys are professionals.

The only thing I can mention is that it is preferably to work in the Chrome browser if you want to have a smooth experience. Yet, it’s not a big deal because my daughter will soon outperform me in multiplication.

Flora, Charles’s mom, 4th grade

Six months ago, I had no clue how to explain math to my child. Charles came home from school, and we scratched our heads over his homework. My friend whose daughters studied at Brighterly recommended this website to me. I’ve had no issues with this service for half a year now.

I occasionally have online meetings with my son’s tutors to discuss his performance, and I see him getting better at numbers at school. I’m planning to study with Brighterly until Charles finishes elementary school.


Can I Cancel the Plan?

If you believe it’s necessary to cancel the subscription plant at Brighterly, you can do it at any moment. If you decide to cancel the subscription in the middle of the plan, you should check the Payment and Refund Policy on Brighterly’s webpage.

What Are the Minimum Age Requirements?

Brighterly provides classes for students aged 3-11. As long as you believe your kid needs to study math, you can enroll them in the math courses.

Does Brighterly Offer Offline Math Classes?

No. Brighterly offers only online classes for the most convenience – you don’t have to pick up your children or worry about getting late for the meeting. As long as it’s time for an online lesson, your kid can switch on their PC/laptop, and that’s it.

What Is the Duration of a Class?

Brighterly’s online classes are 45 minutes long.

How Many Classes Does My Kid Need?

Your child can continue studying at Brighterly for as long as they need. If your kid loves math classes, and they help them become better at mathematics, you can keep on learning with Brighterly.


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