Marley Family To Partner With HoMedics to Expand Legacy of Reggae Legend

CHICAGO – Working together for a better world, reggae musician Bob Marley’s Family, along with HoMedics, introduced The House of Marley in Chicago last night. Dedicated to benefit people and the planet, The House of Marley is committed to developing innovative products, adhering to Marley family values: Equality, authenticity, charity and sustainability.

“We the Marley family are ecstatic to partner with HoMedics. Our father used music as a tool to share his vision with the world and it’s our turn to help people of the earth,” said Cedella and Rohan Marley.

Line of Consumer Electronics to Debut in October 2010

In Q4, 2010, a collection of boom boxes, docking stations, ear buds and headphones will debut, leading to the introduction of additional consumer categories. The House of Marley will strive to create eco-friendly offerings, utilizing leathers, woods, bamboo and recycled plastics and fabrics.

“We are excited to announce this partnership with Marley & Co.,” says Alon Kaufman, CEO of HoMedics. “We translated family values into the design DNA of our products, focusing on details that portray unity, peace and equality.”

An affinity program will enable everyone to support Marley’s vision of hope and unity. Through unique products and the reinvestment of proceeds, people and charities from around the world will benefit. The focus will be on three main causes that will change the world forever: youth, planet and peace.

“The Movement will feature less-waste packaging to reduce its carbon footprint, making the entire process, from design to disposal, one with the earth,” says Jamie Salter, CEO of Marley & Co.

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