Local entrepeurneurs in St. Lucia to tap into new trading opportunities

ST. LUCIA – A trade exhibition which was held earlier in October, is expected to serve as a catalyst to galvanize local entrepreneurs in St. Lucia into the new paradigm of development and competition. The exhibition was organized jointly by the Taiwan Embassy and the Ministry of Trade in Saint Lucia.

Approximately twenty Taiwanese business representatives teamed up with local businesses, at the Gaiety on Rodney Bay. The exhibition was designed primarily to generate commercial activity between the Republic of China on Taiwan and Saint Lucia, by showcasing the varied products and services of the two countries. Among the exhibits were electronics, liquor, food processing equipment, condiments, clothing and carpentry.

Noting his ministry’s commitment to providing further assistance to the local business sector, Trade Minister Honourable Rufus Bousquet said the exhibition signalled a major shift in the relationship between Saint Lucia and Taiwan.

He added that while the island was receiving lots of assistance from the Republic of China on Taiwan in the areas of agriculture, aquaculture, scholarships and computer donations, the time had come for the business sector to delve into unexplored areas.

“The projections for growth for the global economy are not favourable, and this is what compels our government to find new ways in bringing greater impetus into the private sector. This trade exhibition is one of such activity,” Mr. Bousquet said.

Export continues to be main driving force behind Taiwan’s economy, with the country realizing over four hundred billion United States dollars in foreign trade in 2007, making it the 16th largest trading nation globally.

Taiwanese Ambassador to Saint Lucia, His Excellency Tom Chou said joint business efforts will benefit the economy of Saint Lucia, Taiwan and the Caribbean as a whole.

“We know that Saint Lucia has a lot of talented businessmen, and if you give them a chance they will prosper very quickly. This is why we organized the first Taiwan-Saint Lucia trade exhibition,” he added.

Ambassador Chou noted that his country’s successful international trade is hinged on good quality, good strategy and good entrepreneurial spirit.

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