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Local Bahamian author hosting Community Forum on Education & Career

Zach Rinkins and EcoTech Visions Foundation (ETVF) teaming up to present “I Am College Material”

MIAMI – Many of us already know that a college degree is not an automatic ticket to a middle class life.

According to Georgetown University’s What’s It Worth? The Economic Value of College Majors study, many students are graduating from college with crippling debt without achieving the hoped for economic security or upward mobility.

Zach Rinkins and EcoTech Visions Foundation (ETVF) teaming up to present "I Am College Material"
Zach Rinkins – Author, Speaker, and Journalist

Local Bahamian author and speaker Zach Rinkins and EcoTech Visions Foundation (ETVF) are presenting the I Am College Material Community Conversation on College and Career Success to help South Florida students avoid that trend.

The event is scheduled on Thursday, December 21, at EcoTech Visions Foundation 1020 N.W. 163rd Drive in Miami Gardens. The event starts at 6:00 p.m.

“Too many students are graduating from college and falling into low-paying careers that won’t help them repay the loans they used to finance their education. Our children deserve a better future than that,” says Zach Rinkins, who wrote I Am College Material! Your Guide to Unlimited College, Career, and Life Success (Australia Publishing). “This conversation will showcase solutions and tools to help schools, parents, and students develop a successful action plan to maximize their education.”

ETVF provides training programs that focus on converting workers and businesses from blue collar to “green-collar” through solar, technology and a variety of other curriculums. This forum aims to empower participants and help them re-imagine education as a reliable pathway to prosperity.

“Green jobs and tech jobs are right in line with Zach’s I Am College Material! principles of high yield degrees creating high capacity futures,” adds ETVF Executive Director Pandwe Gibson, Ph.D., who formerly served as a middle school principal.

Attendees can look forward to receiving exposure to best practices and solutions to help them transform their college experience into the opportunity of a lifetime.

“I firmly believe that life is not as meaningful without fully developed college students. I am committed to helping them unlock their potential and create unlimited college and career success,” adds Rinkins, a former administrator at a local university. “These emerging leaders will contribute to 100-percent of our future. We all have a stake in their empowerment. Our future depends on it!”

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