Kēvens extends a hand of welcome to immigrants in “Legal Dreamers”

by Howard Campbell

SOUTH FLORIDA – These are tough times for undocumented migrants in the United States. The long-running standoff between border patrol agents at the Southern Border in Texas and people desperate to enter from Latin America, is one of the most divisive issues in the US.

Singer Kevens feels the pain of those people, many of whom are also from Haiti where he has roots. His empathy is expressed in Legal Dreamers, his first song in two years.

Legal Dreams - Kevens“Legal Dreamers is a call to action for people to come together and work towards a better future. My goal with this song is to inspire all who hear it to focus on healing the community at large, gain mental strength, inspire and renew a sense of oneness,” he said.

His comeback song blends EDM and reggae, sounds he first experimented with during the 1990s. In fact, the dreadlocked singer is considered a pioneer of EDM which was the rage 10 years ago.

Kevens was raised in Miami where he discovered the music of Jamaican artists such as Super Cat, Brigadier Jerry and Yellowman as well as Dennis Brown and Bob Marley.

While living in South Florida, he was a member of Le Coup, a band that included Marley’s brother Richard Booker on bass.

The plight of undocumented migrants is bound to be a deciding factor in the 2024 US election. Kevens is not looking at politics, but trying to shed light on what he considers an inhumane situation.

“I am very happy with the response (to Legal Dreamers), even a little overwhelming at times. When I hear from some of the people who tell me how it moved them to tears, I can’t help but be thankful for that. The Almighty chose me to put this message out into the world right now, I know I am blessed,” he said.




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