Junior X Releases “I’ll be Damned” on Kelly Tucker Music

Junior X Releases "I’ll be Damned" on Kelly Tucker Music

by Howard Campbell

[SOUTH FLORIDA] – There are not many dancehall/reggae songs about men begging their women not to leave them. After all, Beenie Man once bragged that ‘man mus’ have nuff gal inna bundle’.

Singer Junior X, however, thinks differently. On his latest song, I’ll be Damned, he lets his lady know that if she leaves him his life will be shattered.

The song is produced by Kelly Tucker Music.

“I wouldn’t dare play the fool to have a diamond and leave that diamond at home to go into the streets chasing after stones. This song exemplifies that fact,” said Junior X. “When you find somebody who treats you good and complements you so well, you have to treat them with respect.”

I’ll be Damned marks a return to the music scene for Junior X, a veteran artist from east Kingston in Jamaica. It is his first project with South Florida-based producer Maurice Tucker, principal of Kelly Tucker Music.

Junior X has been recording since the late 1990’s. He got the big break in 2005 with the song, Plead my Cause, and followed-up with the well-received Gangster Life and Hustler.

Since the start of his career, he said focusing on heartfelt, original lyrics and melodies have been his priority.

“I read a lot and observe a lot. When you read a lot and you hear a riddim, whatever you heard before it surfaces like an original thought because the sub-conscious is like a sponge,” he reasoned. “That’s why reading is so important.”

I’ll be Damned is among a batch of songs Junior X plans to record for Kelly Tucker Music.



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