Joint Statement from the Jamaican Diaspora Advisory Board – The Passing of Prof. Hon. Rex Nettleford

MIAMI – On behalf of the millions of Jamaican nationals and persons of Jamaican descent living overseas across the world, we deeply regret the passing of one of our nation’s iconic treasures and scholars, The Hon. Rex Nettleford, O.M. As the Chair-Elect of the Jamaican Diaspora Foundation, Professor Nettleford spoke fondly of the future development and value of the Jamaican Diaspora to our nation’s development. We are indebted to his inspired leadership in our yet unrealized potential.

We are in awe of the cultural legacy he studied, interpreted, and expressed through his ground breaking work on the stage with the renowned National Dance Theater Company of Jamaica, in the lecture room, and through his numerous literary classics. His work will transcend generations. We are committed to ensuring the preservation of his cultural patriotism to the heritage of Jamaica.

Jamaican Diaspora Advisory Board

Mrs. Celia Grandison-Markey – United Kingdom

Mr. Derek Douglas – United Kingdom

Mr. Patrick Beckford – United States of America

Mr. Wayland Richards – United States of America

Marlon A. Hill Esq. – United States of America

Mrs. Sharon Ffolkes-Abrahams – Canada

Ms. Claudette Cameron-Stewart – Canada

Mr. Leo Campbell, Future Leaders, Canada

Mr. David Mullings, Future Leaders, United States

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