Jamaica’s Tourism Minister lays down blueprint to start Winter Tourism Season 2008 with a bang

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The plans have been drawn, the partnerships have been established, and the media will be fully briefed on Friday, October 12. That is the latest news from the office of Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett about plans to start the upcoming winter tourist season on an exceptionally high note.

Speaking at an internal meeting of Principals and key members of his technical team in the Tourism Ministry, Mr. Bartlett said:

“The steady decline in arrival figures this year can, and must be halted, and the only way to ensure this is to work from three directions towards a common goal. The first approach is to engage the tripartite of government, private sector and civil society. This we have already done by identifying sound leadership in all six resort areas to head task force teams to prepare for the season. This will lead to visible improvements such as sprucing up, beautifying the common areas used heavily by tourists and Jamaicans alike. The second aspect of the plan is to drive the markets with intense promotion – this includes intense road shows for the entire month of November. Public engagement is the final approach, which will intensify in the final week of December 9-15 with a wide range of activities for Tourism Awareness Week. We want to ensure that all Jamaicans realize that anything we do for tourism, we do for ourselves. The tourists benefit in the short term, but by so doing, they are enhancing t he value of OUR real estate.

Minister Bartlett

Minister Bartlett also emphasized that many Jamaicans would also benefit more directly from employment in the public works to put the physical plant in good shape ahead of the 2007-2008 season. He also disclosed that the road show to drive the market has already begun with a trip to Florida a couple of weeks ago, and will continue during November with a multi-city tour of Europe and stops in the new and emerging markets such as India and China.

Plans for the official launch of the program as well as the announcement of the national and regional teams will be disclosed at a media luncheon in Montego Bay this Friday, October 12 at 1:00 p.m.

“I can assure you, this will be the most impressive start to the official winter season we have seen in many years”, the Minister concluded.

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