Jamaican Officers Recognised for their contributions to US Labour Employment Labour Program

FT. LAUDERDALE – Three retiring Jamaicans were recognized for their long service and outstanding contributions to the work and achievements of the Regional Labour Board and US Employers, Wednesday (Jan. 27) at the organization’s Joint Meeting held at the Renaissance Hotel in Plantation, Fort Lauderdale.

The Jamaica Central Labour Organization (JACLO) based in Washington, D.C., is responsible for the employ of H2A and H2B workers from the Caribbean region.

The retirees who have served the organization since the 1970’s included Mr. Cecil Weir, former Deputy Chief Liaison Officer – completed 36 years; Mr. Earl Whyte, also former Deputy Chief Liaison Officer, 32 years of service while Mr. Lascelles Reece, former Supervisor had served for 37 years.

The honorees were presented with plaques honoring their longevity to the Organization, their loyalty and dedication of service.

Mr. Vincent Morrison, board member of JCLO, spoke eloquently of the honorees’ contribution to the history and development of the H2A and H2B programs describing them as stories of commitment and dedication, and passion for their homeland. “Their stories remind us that organizations do not thrive just because of great ideas, but also because of great people.”

According to Mr. Morrison, these men had a driving passion to better the lives of their countrymen. This was demonstrated not only through their unwavering support and understanding applied during the programs which helped achieved the success level, but the officers allowed the workers especially of the H2A program to realize their full potential.

For example, during his tenure, Mr. Morrison spoke of Mr. Weir’s determination to garner the support of the Board of Education in the various working communities in Florida, to accommodate farm workers in the Adult Education Board earning their certification having completed basic literacy as well as community college diploma.

Having served as liaison officers in communities across the United States, Mr. Morrison spoke of the sacrifices each of those gentlemen exhibited as characteristics of their genuine affection and loyalty to the success of the program.
According to Mr. Morrison, the quality of ‘servant leadership’ earned them the respect of workers, employers, staff of the US State agencies, the Board of the Regional Labour Board and their colleagues.

Three retiring officers of the USA Labour Employment Program being honored at Joint meeting of the Regional Labour Board for long service and outstanding contributions to the development of the overseas employment program. From left are Mr. Earle Whyte (32 years), Mr. Cecil Weir (36 years), Mr. Vincent Morrison, board member of the Regional Labour Board, Hon. Pearnel Charles, Minister of Labour and Social Services, and Mr. Lascelles Reece (37 years).

Minister of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Pearnel Charles, also paid tribute to the three honorees recognizing their contribution to the work and achievement of the JCLO and expressing gratitude “for your years of yeoman service to the Overseas Employment Program and to your homeland.”

Also in attendance were Ms. Sharon Miller, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Jamaica to the USA; Mr. Alvin McIntosh, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour, Jamaica and Chairman of the Regional Labour Board; Mrs. Thecla Augustin, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour, St. Lucia and also Deputy Chair of the Regional Labour Board; Consuls General representing the participating countries of the Caribbean region – St. Lucia, Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad; representatives of the US Departments of Labour, and Homeland Security, the US Embassy and H2A and H2B employers of the United States Labour Employment Program.

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