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Jamaican Diaspora To Get Special Attention From New Ambassador

WASHINGTON, DC –  The Jamaican Diaspora will  get special attention from Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Ralph Thomas as a major part of his mandate.

“Having lived and worked as a member of the Jamaican Diaspora for over two decades, and having shared many of the challenges and experiences that individuals go through, there are a number of areas in which I intend to engage the Diaspora,” the Ambassador said.

Key Areas For Jamaican Diaspora

These include key areas such as, “immigration and deportation; economic empowerment of Jamaicans and Jamaican communities across the United States; promoting cultural awareness, especially among second and third generation Jamaicans; strengthening the fraternal bond between the Jamaican Diaspora in the U.S and Jamaicans back home; and providing support and guidance for philanthropic initiatives. Another area of focus will be to mobilize our Diaspora to have a greater voice in the respective communities where they reside.”

Jamaica's Ambassador to the United States, Ralph Thomas  Photo Credit: Derrick A. Scott
Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, Ralph Thomas
Photo Credit: Derrick A. Scott

In an interview with JIS News the Jamaican Envoy placed great emphasis on the economic empowerment of the Diaspora, which he believes is an area that much more can be done, as we collectively seek to improve the wellbeing of Jamaicans in the Diaspora.  While welcoming the invaluable contribution of the Diaspora to the process of nation building in Jamaica, he pointed out that it was time for the Diaspora to seize opportunities to also participate more fully in the development and growth of Jamaica, as well as the U.S.A, from the perspective of wealth creation, which others, he notes, are benefiting from.

“I would wish to see the Jamaican Diaspora featured as a centerpiece of our development strategy and our investment strategy and for the Diaspora to understand how to connect with Jamaica in different ways and benefit from those opportunities that currently exist,” he added.

The Ambassador pointed out that there are many positives taking place in Jamaica and the country is well poised for growth and development.

“I think that it is a good opportunity for me to be Jamaica’s Ambassador to the US at this juncture, as the Government of Jamaica seeks to deepen and strengthen its existing relationship with the Diaspora. The ambassador plays a role of an interface between our government and our Diaspora, bridging that gap with information, and better communication and with being the spokesperson for our mutual interests.  I believe this presents a better opportunity for dialogue, and in this regard, the Embassy will serve as the main interlocutor” he said.

He also reiterated that the Diaspora has an abundance of skilled persons and resources. “If we pooled such resources together they can make a great contribution to our country, achieve their own professional, financial and personal objectives while securing the future for generations to come.”


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