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Jamaican Diaspora Southern U.S. appoints regional leadership

MIAMI – In keeping with organizational development plans in the Southern United States, the Jamaican Diaspora Southern United States appointed a transitional regional board to further the engagement and involvement of Jamaican nationals in the Southern U.S.

The Jamaican Diaspora Southern United States encompasses the States of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. With an estimated 400,000 Jamaicans in the Region, it is home to hundreds of faith-based/church organizations, alumni associations, charitable organizations (in the areas of health, education, culture, crisis support, etc.), social, sports, and recreational, education, law, and business/trade organizations.

Enhancing regional engagement in local communities

The following persons have been appointed to serve on the Southern United States Diaspora Advisory Board as regional directors for States throughout the Southern US: Andy Adams (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona); Janeth Simpson-Brown (Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma); Alan Alberga and Jason Walker (Georgia); Wayne Golding (West/Central/North Florida); : Junior Farquharson (Palm Beaches & Treasure Coast); Dale Holness (Broward County, Florida); and Jennifer Hue/Salomie Chung (Miami-Dade County, Florida). Presently, the Carolinas (North and South) and the Gulf Coast (Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi) have open seats on the Board.

Marlon Hill

Marlon Hill, Advisory Board Member for the Southern United States, noted “the Regional Advisory Board will represent their individual regions or states, interface with various community organizations in the respective regions, and provide leadership on the issues and concerns of Jamaicans living in the Southern US within their local communities”.

Honorary Consuls in the Region will also serve as members of the Regional Board. In the future, the regional board will develop a more formal process for election and appointment within their respective geographic communities. The Regional Board will meet once a month to discuss regional organizational development, collaborative initiatives, and issues to be shared with the Government and private sector in Jamaica.

In addition, Jamaican Diaspora Southern US is in the process of constituting various working groups incorporating areas of interests among those in the region, including mobilization/civic engagement, alumni associations health, education, faith-based initiatives, national security/public safety, cultural traditions, and youth/leadership development.

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