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OAS Delegation in Trinidad and Tobago ahead of Regional Meetings on Education and Competitiveness

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – The Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Albert Ramdin, met this week with key government officials in Trinidad and Tobago, which will host two major conferences this year.

“Virtual Educa Caribbean” is scheduled to take place in Port-of-Spain, hosted by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago through the Ministry and the Minister of Education, Tim Gopeesingh. The event is designed to bring together technology giants, international education experts, school officials and students for expert workshops, training seminars and an Expo, to demonstrate new and emerging education technology. One of the highlights of the event in Trinidad and Tobago is expected to be a model classroom of the 21st century.

According to Assistant Secretary General Ramdin, “Trinidad & Tobago -and the Caribbean in general- has had an impressive record in education. The incorporation of modern and advancing technology into the education system is essential, if we are to produce citizens who can stand shoulder to shoulder with peers from other parts of the world. We believe Virtual Educa Caribbean can be a tremendous success in Port-of-Spain and we are looking forward to it.”

Also taking place in Port-of-Spain, in October 2014, will be the VIII Americas Competitiveness Forum, hosted by the government of Trinidad and Tobago through its Ministry of Planning headed by Bhoe Tewarie, Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Dookeran, and other officials. The event, which was hosted by the government of Panama last year, will take place in Port of Spain under the heading “The Human Imagination at Work – Driving Competitiveness, Powering Innovation.” It is expected to bring together hundreds of international business leaders, experts and government officials, and feature the presentation of new research and information on competitiveness.

“The preparations and the plans to date by the different ministers and ministries involved are developing well and I think the event in Port of Spain will lead to concrete, positive results and new opportunities. The theme itself has set the tone for a unique viewpoint, and it is attracting significant interest already,” said Assistant Secretary General Ramdin.

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