Jamaican Dancehall Heavy-Hitter Teejay Drops New Single “Dip” Ft. Tommy Lee Sparta

Warner Records Debut EP “I AM CHIPPY” Arrives February 2

SOUTH FLORIDA – Teejay flexes his vocal range on “Dip,” a brand new single from his forthcoming debut EP I Am Chippy, arriving February 2. Listen to “Dip” HERE via Warner Records. The track follows his breakthrough anthem “Drift,” which has over 75 million + global streams.

He tapped “Drift” producer Panda and dancehall titan Tommy Lee Sparta for this contagious song inspired by the popular Jamaican dance created by Pata Skeng. “Dip” is a booming declaration to stay on top of his game and to be in the hall of fame. His mission statement is backed up by the infectious chorus inviting fans to celebrate success by doing just what his music is known for — dancing.

Teejay Dip
Rolling Stone Shares News of Single Following Billboard Cover Story

“It was inspired by the streets and the skankers [the Jamaican dancers who create choreography at these street dances]. Basically bad minded people can’t stop us, and we’re not going to pree violence, we just gonna dance it off.” says Teejay.

Known as a captivating live performer, Teejay’s exclusive VEVO CTRL performance of “Dip” doesn’t disappoint. His smooth tone and melodies glide over the rhythmic beat that instantly moves your feet. It’s no coincidence the word “dance” is part of one of Jamaica’s most in-demand and lively musical genres, dancehall. Teejay, one of the leading forces making an impact in the scene, has pushed the vibrant movement to the forefront of his music.

Teejay will release his anticipated forthcoming debut I Am Chippy via Warner Records on February 2. The 9-track EP, co-executive produced by diamond-selling musical legend Shaggy along with Sharon Burke and Steve Carless, is available now for pre-order.

Teejay’s redefining what dancehall music looks like in mainstream spaces. I Am Chippy is a modern take on the genre. Titled after a name Teejay was given as a child, the EP will invite listeners to a more personal understanding of the artist. He experiments musically while also giving fans his signature singjay style. Teejay has a multi-skilled mix of effortless singing and deejaying (rapping) in the same breath.

Billboard Charts

The Billboard “Genre Now” cover star is making waves in the US with high profile performances at The BET Awards and Barclay’s Center in NY. He hit #1 on Shazam’s NY chart, recently collaborated with French Montana and Davido, and has received critical acclaim from The Fader, BET, Ebony, Global Grind and more.

Recognized for his impeccable vocal range and lyrical dexterity, he has earned the respect from the dancehall fans and musical peers in his community.  Like the many confidantes who helped paved the way for him, Teejay pays it forward and features a variety of Jamaican talent on the EP.

In addition to Tommy Lee Sparta, Teejay enlists dancehall don Skillibeng on “Never” (Slingerz Records), the gritty baritone upstart Bayka on “Fully Auto” (Panda/Sabaster Muzik), Malie Donn on “Chop Life” (Overproof Records), and Jaydon & Quada on the inspiring march-to-the-top track “Star” (Extol Music). With I Am Chippy, Teejay displays his range and quality as well as his commitment to his talents and a desire to raise dancehall’s bar.

TikTok Viral Dance

I Am Chippy will also feature the latest “Drift” remix with Afrobeats hitmaker Davido as well as the original song as a bonus track.

Billboard said the “slick dancehall ditty” was one of the biggest dancehall songs of 2023 and continues to climb the U.S. Billboard’s charts.

It’s approaching 80 million global streams and has amassed over 1 billion TikTok views for its viral dance (originally created by Gabi Don). Usain Bolt, Burna Boy, Cardi B & Offset are just a few of the famous faces seen grooving to his track on socials.



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