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Jamaica National launches Video Messaging Service

KINGSTON, Jamaica – JN Money Services Limited (JNMS) has created an option to keep in touch with friends and family through video messages with the launch of the new JN Video Transfer service on Friday, November 6.

Leesa Kow, General Manager of JNMS, a subsidiary of Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) and which operates the JN Money Transfer brand, said it would allow customers to send video messages to their loved ones. The message service was launched in Jamaica on Friday and overseas on Saturday.

“It is easy, easy to use,” said Miss Paula Bliss, after using the video transfer service for the first time at the JNBS Half-Way-Tree branch. She had sent a ‘thank you’ message after carrying out a remittance transaction with a friend locally.

JN Money Transfer (JNMT) customer Paula Bliss gets advice from JNMT Promoter Kemar Richards, as she prepares to send a JN Video Transfer message to a friend in Jamaica after carrying out a local remittance transaction. She was participating in the launch of the new video messaging service at the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) Half-Way-Tree Branch on Friday, November 6. Launched at most JNBS branches locally and overseas, the service now allows customers to send video messages.

One challenge with long-distance relationships is that sometimes the individuals may not see each other for a considerable period of time. With the new video service, Miss Bliss said, “They can see you and that is a good thing.”

Eunice Gordon also said she found the JN Video Transfer service easy to use. After sending a message to her daughter, Yanique, in London, she said, “It was no problem.”

Rosemarie McKenzie admitted that she had been “a little nervous,” before using the system to send a message to Wayne King in Cayman. As her daughter Estelle stood quietly nearby, she said afterwards that she was happy to have used the service to make contact with him.

Miss Doreen Alexander, JNBS Mandeville Branch Operations Manager said that provision had been made in the branches to have someone on hand to assist members using the system. Miss Alexander said the process was quite simple, “and we are prepared to help.”

NewsTalk 93 FM host Dr. Kingsley ‘Raggashanti’ Stewart, discusses a JN Video Transfer message he is about to send to dancehall artiste Lady Saw, with JN Money Transfer (JNMT) General Manager Leesa Kow. Available from Friday, November 6 at most Jamaica National Building Society branches locally and overseas from November 7, the new video messaging service allows JNMT customers to send video messages to friends and loved ones.

The introduction of the JN Video Transfer adds a new dimension to the money transfer market, Miss Kow said. No other remittance-based company offers a similar service.

Most Jamaicans have stayed in touch with family, friends and loved ones overseas through the telephone, Miss Kow said. “What is missing is visual contact.”

Each Christmas JNBS, the JNMS parent organization, has a ‘Greetings Across the World’ television programme allowing members to send messages to their loved ones overseas. With the new service, Miss Kow said, “We are allowing them to send their love throughout the year.”

The goal in introducing the service was, “to take the connectedness to a higher level,” Miss Kow stated. She said the ‘I LOVE’ JNMT Video Kiosks had been placed in JN branches overseas, and all but a few local branches have been integrated into the system.

NewsTalk 93 FM host Dr. Kingsley ‘Raggashanti’ Stewart, gestures as he sends a JN Video Transfer message to Lady Saw, while JN Money Transfer (JNMT) General Manager Leesa Kow looks on.

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