Jamaica Dogsled Team’s Story Celebrated in One Mush

TORONTO, Canada – The Jamaica Dogsled Team’s captivating story of determination despite the odds is captured in the book One Mush, which was launched on Monday, December 13 in Toronto, Canada.

The Jamaica Tourist Board supported team continues to build a strong following throughout North America, promoting the destination in various non-traditional markets.

Sharing the special occasion at the book launch were George Ramocan, Jamaica’s Consul General; John Firth, author of Mush Mon; Rachel Manley, Jamaican-Canadian author and poet; Bob Rae, Toronto Member of Parliament and former Premier of Ontario and Danny Melville, founder of the Jamaica Dogsled Team.

Left-right: George Ramocan, John Firth, Rachel Manley, Bob Rae and Danny Melville

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