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Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) Officer appointed as Diaspora Liaison

LAUDERHILL – Superintendent Anthony James Forbes of the Community Safety and Security Branch of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has been appointed as Diaspora Liaison Officer sharing his responsibilities with communities across the entire Diaspora.

Making the announcement, Jamaica’s Acting Commissioner of Police, Owen Ellington told nationals at a Community Town Hall meeting last Tuesday (Mar. 8) at the Lauderhill City Commission that the JCF is expanding its partnership to include public private sector collaboration in the fight against crime and violence. The Jamaican Diaspora would be one of those links, he added.

According to the Commissioner, some private companies have already partnered to help outfit the JCF Command and Control Center. For example, equipment would be provided for crime detection and security measures for the business partners and shared by both parties.

Supt. Forbes brings to the position a wealth of information and besides Diaspora Liaison, through his department, he would oversee responsibilities on missing persons, safe schools programme, police youth clubs, tourism security, neighborhood watch, agriculture security, public private sector partnership, and security for returning residents.

The contact information for Supt. Forbes is as follows:- (876-920-8903 office) and (876-383-2522 cell) and email [email protected]

Meanwhile, Mr. Ellington said that the JCF was effectively utilizing the electronic and print media to help in information gathering and sharing.

Mr. Ellington urged persons in the Diaspora to stay in touch with the JCF through the Liaison contact, as through that association the JCF with the assistance with the US policing authorities could develop better information gathering and sharing techniques as well as enrich intelligence by detecting and confronting the areas of criminal activities at home and in the Diaspora. He assured his audience that eighty percent (80%) of guns in Jamaica were from the USA and it is alleged that Jamaicans in Florida communities were instigating crime at home. “Too many Jamaicans are involved in buying and sending home these weapons,” he reiterated.

While policing should not be done in isolation, the Commissioner said that the “partnership arrangement would provide information on what our partners are experiencing and what they want.” The arrangement has also included partnering with the private security industry. Through this association, the JCF would be able to provide good assessment to the private security companies so they know how to deploy, secure property and provide the necessary protection for their officers.

Regarding the presence of the JCF in the Diaspora, Mr. Ellington assured his audience that the JCF Diaspora Liaison Office through Supt. Forbes would work assiduously with nationals in the overseas communities, and that the JCF was appreciative of the interests and response demonstrated, to Jamaica’s problem of crime and violence.

Mr. Ellington assured nationals that other matters pertaining to the needs of the Diaspora would be dealt with through this Office. For instance, he said that the JCF could respond to inquiries about personal property as well as that of screening of business interests and arrangements as were required of persons in the Diaspora.

Supt. Forbes brings to the position a wealth of experience and knowledge having worked in several areas of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. As its first Director, he spearheaded a restructuring exercise to form the Constabulary Communication Network (CCN), formerly the Police Information Center. He also worked in the area of airport and seaport policing, serving as the executive Vice President of the International Association of Airport and Seaport Police. In addition, he lectures part-time at the Police Academy in Twickenham Park in conflict management and motivation techniques.

He is a graduate of the University of the West Indies and College of Defense Studies, National Defense University in China.

A member of the Kiwanis Club of Kingston, he presently serves on its Service and Ethics Committee.

Mr. Ellington was accompanied by Supt. Forbes on a three-day visit to South Florida where they were engaged in discussions with policing authorities of South Florida communities. The visit presented opportunities for exchange of information and practical collaborative efforts that could enhance the delivery of law enforcement and measures in Jamaica.

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