Jamaica and Canada discussion cooperation in sports

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Canada’s Secretary for State for Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the Honourable Helena Guergis, has said that she expects positive outcomes as Jamaica and Canada deepen their co-operation on matters pertaining to Sports.

Ways that Canada and Jamaica can co-operate in the development of Sports in the two countries
were discussed when the Honourable Olivia “Babsy” Grange, Minister of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports met with Minister Guergis at Jamaica House.

Minister Guergis is leading a Canadian businesswomen’s trade mission to Jamaica for a two-day visit, which started on (21st January).

In welcoming Minister Guergis and her delegation, Minister Grange spoke of the longstanding relationship that has existed between the two countries “and now I am particularly pleased that this Canadian mission had decided that sports should be part of its focus,” Miss Grange said.

“I had been very much aware of Jamaica’s culture and prowess in sports before making the visit,” Minister Guergis told Minister Grange, “and already we have been able to secure a number of business partnerships since arriving in Jamaica.”

It was pointed out that Canada could help with Jamaica’s anti-doping program which is relatively new. Reference was made to the anti-doping that legislation which is still being worked on and that the Canadian anti-doping structures would provide useful guides.

In addition, Jamaica would be thankful for assistance with testing protocols.

It was also stated that Jamaica could benefit from research carried out by Canada on the topic of women in sports.

The importance of measures to ensure that sports people enjoyed a reasonable lifestyle at the end of their sporting careers was also stressed during the meeting and it was agreed that this was also an area in which Jamaica and Canada could also share information.

An urgent need was also identified for the athletes to be assisted with their education and an appeal made to Canada for sports scholarships.

Minister Grange expressed appreciation for the help that Canada had already given to Jamaica and said that both countries stood to benefit even further as a consequence of “the creative energies” flowing from the meeting with Minister Guergis.

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