JAH CURE, “A True Reflection” album in stores July 31st

NEW YORK – After spending over 8 years behind bars, Jah Cure, one of the most controversial and propelling forces in reggae will be heard once again on July 28th, 2007.

Three days after stepping out of confinement, VP Records will release his pivotal album “True Reflections…A New Beginning” featuring all his recent hits, such as, “True Reflections,” “Longing For” and “Dem Nuh Build Great Man,” as well as new tune, “To Your Arms of Love,” which is already beginning to chart in Jamaica.

Then, through October 12th-15h on the North Coast of Jamaica, Jah Cure will set foot on what is considered to be one of the most anticipated and emotional stage shows in reggae history, The Curefest. The goal of this 3-day event is to celebrate Jah Cure’s freedom, give thanks for life and spread love and unity through his music.

The bill will feature a number of cultural and dancehall artists as well as the man himself.

This internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter has one of the most compelling stories in reggae, and now upon his release a new chapter will begin.

Jah Cure

JAH CURE’s Live History

Jah Jah blessed Sister Pansita and illuminated the rest of the world with the birth of ‘Melody’ on October 11th, 1978 in Smithfield, Casscade, Hanover, Jamaica W.I. Her composition was called Siccaturie Alcock aka. Jah Cure.

World renown, Reggae artiste Capleton and the David House Crew bestowed the name Jah Cure on this young man due to the fact that he smoked a profuse amount of herb, which resulted in him looking well preserved “CURED”….

From the age of three(3), music reverberated through his small frame and beckoned to the souls of anyone who listened to the young lion. He attended Flankers All Age and later on St. James High, Montego Bay, Jamaica, where he participated actively in plays and concerts. At age eleven, when thought to be asleep late at night, he would sneak through a window to visit the local dances and stage shows including the annually held Reggae Sunsplash in his community.

It was at Reggae Sunsplash that he sawthe greatest Reggae icons and made the decision that he wanted to become apart of that elite group, carrying the torch of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffiths, Garnett Silk, Yami Bolo, Jacob Miller and Black Uhuru, bringing consciousness to the world beyond.

Jah Cure moved to Kingston at age fifteen, where he met Capleton, Sizzla and Jah Mason.
It was at this time, that he was enlightened spiritually and his belief in living naturally became heightened.

His voice started to leave an impression in the streets. The then ‘Little Melody’, later to be known ‘Jah Cure’ started his career, by performing at small stage shows and hanging out at studios. The first track released as Jah Cure “Jah is my guide” was produced by English producer Rebel Ruler.

It was at this stage that he was mentored by Beres Hammond, who taught him to work professionally in a studio and to compromise for the sake of music.

1997 saw the emergence of “GHETTO LIFE” an album produced by Beres Hammond which featured the single “Divide an Rule” a duet with Sizzla (considered to be the best song of that year). He continued to record songs produced by Firehouse Crew, Shadowman, Syl Gordon, Tuff Riddims and Iley Dread.

In 1998 Jah Cure went on a European Tour and visited several Caribbean Islands with Beres Hammond and the Harmony House Family.

“He creates cranking melancholic, compelling melodies which can bring tears to one’s eyes without even understanding the lyric’s,” according to Riddim Magazine.

On April 26th, 1999 Jah Cure’s unfortunate incarceration haulted the momentum on his career.

One year after his sentence the album “FREE JAH’S CURE” was released by J&D Records, which can be paralleled to Bob Marley’s “EXODUS”.

“Jah Cure is giving thanks for life while spreading love through his music”
In 2002 Danga Zone Entertainment started managing Jah Cure, they saw the potential of his career, despite the fact he was incarcerated.

2004 was a good year for Jah Cure’s career with two hit singles “Jamaica” produced by Danga Zone Entertainment and “Longing For” produced by Don Carleon . Both to hit the charts at number one.

He has been nominated for most improved artiste, song of the year for longing for and is among the top ten male vocalists and artiste of the year.

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