Isiah Mentor’s ‘Demons Among Us’, Beware of Global Demonic Trends

by Howard Campbell

SOUTH FLORIDA – Veteran roots singer Isiah Mentor plays the role of exorcist on Demons Among Us, his latest song, which he produced for the Village Records label.

Released on October 5, the Jamaican artist warns parents and children alike to beware of persons peddling a “devil agenda”.

Isiah Mentor's 'Demons Among Us', Beware of Global Demonic Trends
Isiah Mentor

“My ancestors told I to do this song based on the ‘evilous’ behavior and psychology of some people. This behavior has been around for a long time but within my people it’s at a new level so Mother Earth and my ancestors gave I this mission,” he said.

Describing persons posing as friends as “worms and fungus”, Isiah Mentor notes that demonic trends are global. He said this can be seen in crimes against children, and a decline in family values.

Demons Among Us also hears the Rastafarian artist maintaining control of his music. In recent years, Isiah Mentor has been selective in terms of producers he records for, preferring to do self-produced songs for Village Records.

Born in central Kingston, he started his career as Lily Melody during the late 1980s at the studio of legendary engineer/producer Osbourne “King Tubby” Ruddock in Waterhouse, one of the most fertile music communities in Jamaica.

Songs such as Ghostbuster, Older Than Me and No Pressure gave him a dancehall following in Jamaica and a roots base in Europe, which remains his strongest market.


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