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Independence Day message from the Consul General of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to the Diaspora

MIAMI – Message of Celebration on the Independence of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago from The Consulate General Of The Republic Of Trinidad and Tobago to the Diaspora of Trinidad and Tobago in the United States, the Honorable Gerard Green.

On this occasion of the Forty-Six Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago we extend warmest greetings to all in the
Trinidad and Tobago Diaspora in the United States.

This important landmark in our path towards continuous development and improvement of Trinidad and Tobago should be commemorated by a sense of optimism about the future as well as a sense of pride of what Trinidad and Tobago has accomplished and will continue to accomplish in times to come. Our current development thrust is targeted towards Trinidad and Tobago becoming a
developed country by the year 2020.

The Diaspora shares in this pride as it continues play an important role in the development of our Nation. The Diaspora has contributed significantly our growth by proudly flying the colours of Trinidad and Tobago, and by their
extraordinary achievements in every aspect of life in the United States of America.

The Consulate General wishes to extend its sincerest congratulations to the Diaspora on this occasion.

Honorable Gerard Green

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