Increased Security on the Go: How to Make Transport Vehicles Safer in Traffic?

How to Make Transport Vehicles Safer in Traffic

The increased transport security of valuable loads has long been an important topic. Long gone are the days where a truck could be loaded and left unattended between loading and unloading without any additional security. With the current threat of acts of terrorism, it is more important than ever that transport vehicles are secured against possible threats while in transit. But how can this be achieved?

GPS Tracking Cameras

A small number of funds that a company invests into a GPS tracking system will save thousands in the long run by protecting company assets and a truck driver’s life. A truck camera works as a brilliant addition to a GPS tracking system and will make a company a lot more interested in the service a transport vehicle is equipped with. The main concern for a truck driver as well as a company, apart from a truck itself and all the cargo that a vehicle holds, is the safety of a driver himself. 

In case something happens to a driver, or he gets into danger on the road, a GPS tracking system would let a company know about a problem, and a camera a driver is equipped with will record the incident which a truck driver can use as proof.

A GPS tracking system on a transport vehicle lets a company monitor the transportation activity of a transport vehicle and plan its time and route properly. It also helps to cut fuel costs when a company receives a report about a transport vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Sealant And Inflation Monitoring System 

Another system available is a tire sealant and inflation monitoring system. These systems not only prevent tires from being removed but also make it possible for drivers to be notified when the tire’s pressure has dropped or if it has been punctured.

This technology can also be used in combination with other methods like locking devices and pressure valves. The system will help to ensure maximum security while the load is in transit, allowing drivers to focus on other aspects of their route.

How to Make Transport Vehicles Safer in Traffic
Use A Strapping System

The most obvious way to secure a load is to use an anti-theft device like a lock or strapping system. These systems do exactly what they are called. They secure the load, keeping it in place and making it harder to steal. These are commonly used when transporting valuable goods like copper. While these do provide an added layer of security, they can be time-consuming to install, remove, or reattach.

Use A Seal

For a relatively cheap cost, companies can use a seal to help protect their cargo and deter any potential theft. For example, when shipping cars in containers or railcars, wheel chocks or locks can be installed on the wheels that will not allow them to turn more than a few degrees. 

This then requires that an additional person is called out to unlock them before the vehicle can be moved. This would deter any potential thieves from attempting a carjacking or cargo robbery since it takes a lot more time and effort, increasing the likelihood that they will be caught in the act.

Electronic Locking Systems 

Many companies have turned to electronic systems that allow for remote locking of their loads. These systems are extremely helpful in reducing the time needed to secure a load. They also make it possible for loads to be secured while still in transit. This can prevent thefts or other damage that might occur when stopped at traffic lights or intersections.

Electronic systems also provide peace of mind for drivers since they can be monitored at all times and thus no longer have to worry about someone stealing their load if they are forced off the road. This is especially helpful in cases where drivers are driving through high-risk areas.

Tire Locks

While electronic locking systems are becoming more popular, some companies have opted for tire locks instead of wheel locks. Either a padlock or a soft steel cap holds the tire in place, preventing rotation. 

This allows drivers to release air from tires, so they can be removed later when stopped at a secure location. Again, these systems allow loads to be secured while still in transit and reduce the time needed for installation and removal.

Rear Door Locking Devices

Another protective device is a rear door locking device. These are usually placed on the inside near the latch, preventing anyone from opening doors by forcing them shut. This is most important when the doors open outward, which leaves them vulnerable to slamming into a passerby. 

This device also requires the use of a padlock or other locking device, as well as an additional chain or cable attached from the latch itself to prevent it from being forced open.

The increased use of these systems is starting to pay off in better safety for drivers and their cargo. The added security measures also reduce the number of damages, thefts, injuries, and accidents caused by failed transport operations. With so many companies working hard to make transport safer, there is no doubt that they will be more successful in the future than ever.



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