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Hurricane Fiona Rips Through The Caribbean

SOUTH FLORIDA – Fiona has caused damage to several islands in the Caribbean as it traveled northward on its path that eventually ended up all the way in Canada. Hurricane Fiona ripped through the Caribbean, causing damage to several islands.

Even though it reduced to a tropical storm after passing over some of the landmasses, it remained extremely strong with the high-speed wind that damaged trees, and buildings, and caused extreme storm surges.

Hurricane Fiona’s Track Affects Many


Hurricane Fiona

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The entire path of destruction caused by hurricane Fiona lasted more than 10 days.

While the Caribbean islands felt the storm in all its initial fury and strength, it continued up the eastern seaboard and surprised Canada with one of the strongest storms ever on record in that area.

All across the Caribbean region, families, communities, and whole towns and cities suffer from the destruction wrought by this extreme storm.

They experienced torrential rainfall, winds exceeding 100 mph, storm surges that led to widespread flooding, and more. Unfortunately, some people lost their lives due to extreme weather event.

Many places are without power or clean running water and property damage is worse than anyone can imagine.

Which Islands Felt Hurricane Fiona’s Wrath?

Puerto Rico felt the full force of Hurricane Fiona as it made landfall in this well populated country. The high winds and other storm elements made the entire power grid shut down.

This caused widespread problems with not only electricity but also water systems and more. They still struggle to repair their infrastructure from previous storms and now have a huge battle on their hands once again.

Other affected islands include Guadeloupe and the Dominican Republic.

You can still get considerable updates about how this hurricane and others affect the islands by following South Florida Caribbean News.

Unfortunately, Hurricane Fiona is not the only major storm that will go over these countries this year.

How Much Damage Did Hurricane Fiona Do?


All many news stories focus on the impact the hurricane had in Canada as it is quite unusual for such a big storm to hit that northern country, the destruction, and damage along its entire path cannot be ignored.

The horrific rain, high tides, hurricane-force winds, and more all contributed to the unfortunate loss of life, damage to essential infrastructure, and the ruin of many people’s homes, businesses, and futures.

Hurricane Fiona began as a tropical storm east of the Lesser Antilles on September 5. It quickly strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane, and by September 7 it was a major hurricane. Hurricane Fiona caused significant damage to several islands in its path, including Barbados, St. Lucia, and Grenada.

The storm also caused flooding and power outages on the island of Puerto Rico. Hurricane Fiona is expected to cause approximately $1 billion in damage across the Caribbean.

That number only goes higher when you add in the costs associated with its northern landfall, and the long-term repercussions cannot be measured as hurricane season is just getting started.


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