HRH Queen Dr. Hilary Brown Appointed President of the Global African Diaspora Kingdom (GADK)

Dr. Hilary Brown, enstooled HRH Queen Asianut Acom II in August 2022 in Guyana, has been appointed President of the Global African Diaspora Kingdom (GADK) by the Royal Council of African Indigenous Leaders. The unanimous decision was taken at a meeting on 13 March of the GADK Royal Council, comprising African Royal Leaders from Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana who are members of AIDO Royal Community.

Dr. Hilary Brown President of the Global African Diaspora Kingdom
Dr. Hilary Brown President of the Global African Diaspora Kingdom

In her new role, HH Queen Acom II will preside over the Supreme Council of the GADK, a registered non-profit organization dedicated to uniting, developing  and  advancing  Africa  and  the  African  diaspora. One of the main activities of GADK is facilitating cultural, spiritual and economic reconnection between African kingdoms and  their  historical  diaspora  who were forcibly separated from the African continent over 400 years ago. The recently established GADK will also engage in global advocacy for the return of stolen cultural property from traditional kingdoms in Africa.

With over two decades of experience in regional development, Dr. Brown brings a wealth of expertise to the position. Currently serving as the Programme Manager for Culture and Community Development at the CARICOM Secretariat in Guyana, Dr. Brown has been instrumental in advancing culture, youth, and gender programs within the CARICOM region, including providing pivotal support for the implementation of the region’s reparations agenda.

Queen Acom II has been instrumental in organizing and hosting the visits of three delegations of African royalty to the Caribbean over the past two years on behalf of the CARICOM Reparations Commission and in collaboration with the University of the West Indies, and facilitated the reconnection of African royals with the Maroon community in Accompong, Jamaica.

She also successfully led two reconnection visits to Uganda and Kenya in 2023, which featured the recognition of diaspora royals by the kingdoms in the respective countries and the AIDO Royal Community. These initiatives she sees as essential for the psychological healing that is integral to the Ten Point Plan for Reparatory Justice articulated by the CARICOM Reparations Commission.

Royal Council of African Indigenous Leaders

Other members of the Supreme Council who were appointed by the Royal Council of African Indigenous Leaders are: Chief Eric Siphosezulu/Eric Phillips (First Vice President); HRH Queen Gamachana Ikatekit/ Jenny Abensetts (Second Vice President); Queen Uhuru Wingi/ Kimberlene Lanier (General Secretary); HRH Princess Africa/ Aisha Jean-Baptiste (Treasurer); and Queen Mother Ajambo Nabura/Hon. Millicent Odhiambo (Chief Commissioner).

Royal Council of African Indigenous LeadersThe GADK Royal Council of African Indigenous Leaders is constituted by: HRH Papa Paul Sande Emolot, Emorimor III, East Africa; HRM Queen Cynthia Puma Khumalo Mzilikazi III, South Africa; HH Queen Grace Eganda I, Diaspora; HRM Dr. Haye Makorani A. Mungase VII, Kenya; HRH Alhadji Abdulsalam Bashir, Toro of Bade, Nigeria; HRH Nana Asamaoh Sakyi, Ghana; HRM Dr. Robinson Tanyi, Cameroon; and HRH Patrick Mashele Ntshimberi, South Africa.

We congratulate the newly appointed Members of the Supreme Council and wish them every success in leading the Global African Diaspora Kingdom during their two-year tenure.

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