How To Properly Handle The Aftermath Of An Accident

Getting into an accident is inevitable once it occurs; it can leave you in a state of shock. The majority of people have gone through various misfortunes, whether big or small, at one point in their lives. Car accidents happen every single day on the roads. Drivers need to be informed on how they can handle an accident, suppose they find themselves in one.

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Steps You Can Follow After An Accident

It never matters how safe you think your car is; you may find yourself involved in an accident. You could successfully handle your claim, recover your damages, raise your claim, however, and all these depend on how you handle the aftermath of the accident. Besides that, below is a checklist that can guide you if you get into an accident.

1.   Seek Medical Attention

After an accident the first thing that you should do is seek medical attention. It is not uncommon for people who have been in an accident not to feel the pain due to shock. The accident and injury attorneys at Custodio & Dubey LLP advise that the very first thing that you need to do is to seek medical attention. Suppose you have gotten an injury from the accident. It is advisable first to have yourself checked by a qualified physician.

2.   Put Hazard Signs

It is advisable that you turn on your hazard light and set up flares to notify other drivers that there has been an accident. When you defend the scene, you prevent further accidents from occurring. Keep the vehicles exactly where the accident happened; do not move them as you will be interfering with evidence. Sometimes, it is inline to move the cars out of harm’s way; however, you will need to have taken photos prior.

3.   Document The Scene

After an accident, ensure to document as much information as possible. You can use your phone camera if you cannot ask the people around you to assist you. Check the impact of the car, record the date and time that the accident happened. Take photos of the surrounding street name and the address of the location of where you are. Please keep this information safe with you as it is critical in raising a claim. Also, it makes the attorney’s work much more manageable. You also share the documented information with the police. Taking photos of the accident is vital to ensure not to leave out any essential information.

4.   Exchange Information

At the accident scene, you must exchange information with the people involved. Check the car’s registration and ask for the name, address, and contact of the other person. The information that you collect is essential, especially when dealing with the insurance company and the other driver’s license number.

5.   Speak To Witnesses

Whenever an accident happens, there are always witnesses at the scene. Speak to them; they are always willing to give complete information to the police on what transpired. If possible, ask for their contact details. The witness’s statement is critical when raising a claim.

6.   Inform The Police With Factual Information

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Call the police when you get involved in an accident; the law demands that you call the police immediately. Take the action of calling the police and telling them your location at that time. Once the police arrive directly share the complete details concerning the accident. You can also ask the eyewitnesses to give an account. When speaking to the police, ensure to provide them with factual information and not speculate on any facts you do not know. Also, make sure that the other party’s statement to the police is authentic and accurate.

7.   Call Your Insurance Company

After an accident, never be tempted to negotiate a deal. The right thing to do is to call your insurance company. When you do not inform your insurance company, it can leave you with liable damages. As long as the insurance license is valid, you are eligible for a claim. Therefore, always follow the correct procedure. If you plan to file a claim, make a statement with the insurance company and share complete details of the accident.

8.   Get An Attorney

After an accident, first, you need to seek the services of an attorney. The attorney plays a significant role in ensuring that you get total compensation from the insurance company. When you get the assistance of an attorney, they can handle your insurance compensation. Insurance companies have a tendency to short change you and give you lower claims. However, when you have an attorney, they can negotiate for a complete suit.

Remain calm after an accident, and first remember to get medical attention. Your health should be your priority.



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