What You Need to File a Car Insurance Claim

Being involved in a car accident can be a terrifying and traumatic experience. Auto insurances are meant to protect victims of an accident from the financial troubles and problems arising out of an accident. However, the coverage is not granted automatically, you still need to file a claim to secure this compensation.

Here is all you need to know when filing your car insurance claim.

File a Car Insurance Claim

Take care of your injuries

If you or others involved in the accident have been injured, call for medical assistance immediately. Your health and wellbeing and that of your passengers should be the first priority.

Call the law enforcement officials

The next step to take is to call 911 and alert the police. The official record created by the accident investigating officer can be crucial to obtain your claim compensation. Moreover, other parties involved in the accident may act unpredictably following the accident by becoming aggressive or angry. Hence, it is best to have police on the scene who can safeguard your rights and keep trouble away.

Contact your insurance company

Next, you should call your insurance provider and inform them about the accident. The insurance agent will be able to advise you on the next steps to begin your claims procedure. If your car has been completely totaled, the insurance company can contact a towing service and also help you acquire a rental car.

Contact the local motor vehicle department

This is another important step in documenting your accident and helping secure remuneration. The officials at DMV may require a copy of the accident report on file and request additional documents. It is essential to provide the department with whatever documentation is required in a timely manner to ensure that you do not face any penalties or hamper your chances of receiving compensation later on.

Talk to the insurance adjuster or their accident investigator

Your insurance company may send an accident investigator to evaluate the damages to your car. Meet with them and understand the condition of your vehicle. If the investigator deems your car inoperable you may receive compensation amounting to the current market value of your automobile.

Contact the auto shop and get your automobile repaired

If your vehicle has not been totaled and is still operational, get it inspected by a qualified auto technician who can check for performance and safety concerns. Always ensure you follow this step even if you believe your car has minor damages or cosmetic issues.

Contact a qualified car accident lawyer

Finally, get in touch with an expert can accident attorney who can help evaluate your accident and inform you about your legal options. Your insurance company may apply notorious tactics to discredit your claim or reduce the amount of payout on their end. However, a knowledgeable and seasoned car accident lawyer can use their legal expertise to negotiate settlements on your behalf and ensure you receive rightful compensation for your damages and injuries. Moreover, a good lawyer can provide you all the necessary resources to ensure you move past the accident and get on the road to recovery.



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