How to Improve Your Email Marketing Conversion Rate

How to Improve Your Email Marketing Conversion RateAs a business owner or a key member of the sales team, one of the most important things that will always be on your mind is your conversion rates. Is your website converting visitors to customers effectively? Are you getting traffic from social channels to convert? What about your email marketing campaigns – are they working?

If your conversion rates are low, then you need to do something about it and the first place to start is on your email marketing campaigns. Keep reading as we are going to give you some of our best tips to help you improve your email marketing conversion rates.

Be Personal

In 2020, the brands that are sending out personalized content to their customers are the brands that are succeeding the most. Your customers will be receiving many emails every single day from other companies hoping to get their attention. If you aren’t going to offer them a personal experience, then they might click on a competitor’s link instead of yours. This is the last thing you will want so you’ll need to address it as soon as possible.

If you aren’t sure how to personalize email campaigns, then you should first look at the email blast service that you are using. Is there an option to personalize the name in the email? If so, use it in order to make this more effective. You can also personalize emails based on their previous purchases and their activity on the site. Once you start doing this, your conversion rates should improve over time.

Address the Subject Lines

When it comes to email design best practices, you’ll find that subject lines are often forgotten about. Sure, you will spend hours looking at the content within your email and the creative content that goes with it but what about the outside of the email? The sender name, subject line and the preheader are what your customers will see first and if it doesn’t get their attention, they won’t convert!

Not only should your subject line and preheader be personal, but it should also include details of any offers or any reason why they should click on the email to open it. When it comes to the sender name, you need to make sure that this is branded. They need to know who is sending it and why. Take some time to address your subject lines and headers if you really want to improve your conversion rates.

Change Your CTAs

Everyone has heard of a CTA but if you haven’t, you should know that it stands for Call To Action. A CTA is what will encourage a visitor to click a link to get to your site and eventually convert. Your website should already be cluttered with these CTAs but if they aren’t, you’ll need to change this. Some of the most effective CTAs are those that are straight to the point. This can include things like ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Click Here to Buy’ so make sure to get them right.

CTAs are just as important in your email blasts as they are on your website. Without these, the customer might not even think about heading to your website, but this is the end goal. It would be nice if they read your entire email but realistically, you want them to head straight to the site to buy. Take a closer look at your CTAs and add some into your email content for the best results.

Make Them Mobile-Friendly

Another thing to consider if you want to improve your email marketing conversion rate is the optimization of your emails. If your emails are only going to show up effectively on desktop computers, then you need to rethink your whole strategy. The majority of users now shop on their mobile phones so they will want to go directly from your email to their mobile browser. This means that both your website and your emails need to be fully optimized for mobile devices.

Take some time to test out your email on your smartphone before sending it out. If you are finding it hard to click through to the site, this could be the reason for the lack of conversions. Don’t forget to test it out some different devices such as Android and Apple smartphones as their email apps can show up differently. Get it right the first time and your conversion rate should increase over time.

Link Your Images

The final tip that we have for those who want to increase their email marketing conversion rates is to add links to your images within the email. Images are key if you want to make your email look attractive and catch the eye of the recipient as soon as they open it. So, why not include a link that acts as a very large CTA button? This is something that many brands do, and it can work very well. It can be easy for your CTA buttons to be hidden in the text but if you have them on the images, you can increase your conversions.

When linking your images, make sure to link them to the relevant pages. For example, you won’t want to have a CTA that says, ‘buy now’ and then a link that takes them to the homepage. Create direct links and use the images to get their attention.

Get Started

If you have been using email marketing campaigns recently but aren’t getting much in the way of conversions, make sure to take on board all of our advice. Think about the CTAs that you are using and do some additional research into the email design best practices.

This is a gradual process so you should always be analyzing your open rates and checking to see which changes are effective. Once you get the hang of it, your conversion rate should increase over time. Make sure to try out all of our tips!



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